INCARN is the technology developed by John Willner that uses mathematical precision of spherical geometry to calculate Incarnation times (aka spiritual birth times, according to Edgar Cayce). The algorithm embedded in the program functions as a universal biorhythm, or timing mechanism, for establishing Incarnation times of souls entering physical bodies.

The Incarnation time is not synonymous with the physical birth time. Rather, it coincides with the exact instant in spirit enters an infant’s body. It is at this very moment that the newborn child is reincarnated with a soul, and the natal horoscope of that individual becomes instantly effective!

Hence, the Incarnation time establishes the energetic nature and temperament of the mental and spiritual body and reflects the true astrological basis and signature of an individual. The physical birth, which is equally significant, occurs afterward—at the very end of the birth process. Its purpose serves as a port of entry for a soul to express itself THROUGH a physical body IN a material world.

Both physical and Incarnation birth times are important. Each serves a useful purpose and is interdependent upon the other. In fact, the physical birth time helps determine when the Incarnation time most likely occurred, since Incarnation times transpire in as little as a few minutes prior to as far back as 5 hours before physical birth.

But even when the physical birth time is unknown, the correct Incarnation time can still be obtained by doing a 24-hour run in the program. That involves an enormous amount of extra time and work to test, verify, and confirm an accurate Incarnation time. But it is doable.