Spiritual Birth Time is a term that Edgar Cayce used in many of his life readings to denote differences between the Akashic records he was reading from psychically (Incarnation times, horoscopes) versus the ones the querents possessed—based on their physical birth times. As mentioned before, the spiritual birth/Incarnation time very specifically identifies the precise moment the cosmic code enters a newborn’s body.

For every location on earth, only a certain number Incarnation times are available for soul selection and reincarnation. There are four separate periods within a 24-hour sidereal day (not solar day) when this phenomenon takes place.

During this process, a soul that is seeking to reincarnate gathers near the zenith (Midheaven) of the birth location. Edgar Cayce suggested that the soul oversees, about 3-miles above the earth, astronomical and astrological conditions relative to the location where its entrance into a newborn body is to take place. The intricacies pertaining to the earth’s daily rotation affects rising signs on the eastern horizon, movement of house cusps/angles, and planetary aspects and influences. The slightest changes in each of these will have a drastically different impact on the type of cosmic life pattern an individual has. Hence, mathematical precision is of the utmost importance.

When a precise Incarnation time is chosen by a soul, quantum energy containing astrological information instantaneously enters the major endocrine glands (aka chakras) of the infant body it is to inhabit.

John Willner estimated that the soul and spirit forces, just outside relativity of force (three miles above the earth?), traveling at the speed of light would arrive in a newborn’s body at approximately a little over 16 microseconds (or 0.00001613 seconds).

Because Incarnation times can be in as little as 2 minutes to as much as 5 hours BEFORE the reported physical birth time, its occurrence is literally OF a spiritual import, or origin. This is why Edgar Cayce referred to them as spiritual birth times.

Incarnation times and horoscopes are the ones that have been proven valid for matching the true astrological traits and timing of events. They are 100% functional. Those widely used and erroneously based upon physical birth times are not.