INCARN’s primary purpose is to calculate soul-chosen birth times, or Incarnation times. The Incarnation time is concordant with the angular pathway a soul takes along the ecliptic plane in relation to a specific birth location and its Midheaven when reincarnating into the earth.

The exact calculation is relative to the ecliptic plane; earth’s rotation on its axis; the exact location on earth where reincarnation into an infant body is to take place; the positions of the Sun, Moon and Uranus; the Tropical Zodiac signs of Cancer and Sagittarius; and the time of day and year.

INCARN computes Incarnations times up to 5 hours before to 1 hour after the reported physical birth time. That one extra hour after physical birth, by the way, is to account for those instances where the reported birth time may not have been recorded accurately or right away and/or rounded off to the nearest hour, half-hour or quarter-hour.

Although a series of Incarnation times are calculated, ONLY ONE will produce a 100% functional horoscope that totally and completely matches an individual’s life. Finding the correct horoscope is not an easy task and can only be achieved through rigorous testing against a proven, objective set of standards that involve:

  • Identifying the correct personality (Ascendant) of an individual. Does it match the true physical and mental traits of an individual?
  • Identifying the correct reputation or social/icon status and career potentials (Midheaven) of an individual
  • Identifying prominent characteristics or traits that stand out about an individual—such as when a planet(s) conjuncts or parallels one of the major angles of the Ascendant, Descendant, Medium Coeli (Midheaven) and Imum Coeli
  • Identifying the correct timing of noteworthy events in an individual’s life. Incarnation times and their corresponding horoscopes have the unmatched capability of accurate forecasting, whereby astrological indicators match the exact nature and timing of specific, significant events in one’s life to an accuracy of less than nine minutes of arc (00° 09′). Ninety percent of the time, it is less than seven minutes (00° 07′)!

Most aspects are within a 0-7 minute orb range, but a maximum orb of nine minutes (00° 09′) has been observed, although not as frequent. No aspect of more than nine minutes has ever been observed to coincide with an event via secondary progressions. This is true for aspects in longitude and declination (especially, for the faster-moving elements in a horoscope). Such instances virtually always involve aspects to and from the lights (Sun/Moon) or major angles (ASC/DSC, MC/IC).

Once the Incarnation time is ascertained, there is no “part accurate, part inaccurate” information. It is either completely accurate (100% functional) or it is inaccurate (the wrong horoscope).

NOTE: Incarn2, an updated and improved version of the original INCARN program, can now be purchased exclusively from Fred Bickum. He can be reached at fenixrises@yahoo.com.