There are four distinct differences that arise between horoscopes based on physical birth times versus those based on Incarnation times: personality, source, purpose, and accuracy.


The most noticeable difference that occurs between horoscopes based on the Incarnation time and those based on the physical birth time is that the physical birth time horoscope often causes a person’s REAL Ascendant to be off by one or two signs…and sometimes three! Just as Cayce stated.

Ascendant signs change on the eastern horizon approximately every two hours. The average time difference between the physical birth and Incarnation time is one hour and 38 minutes. This usually, but not always, leads to a change of the Ascendant to a previous sign in the Incarnation time horoscope. However, time differences between the two can and do vary widely and can be as much as five hours apart.

The shifting of Ascendants into previous signs essentially means that if you have Leo rising according to your physical birth time, your real Ascendant in a verified and confirmed Incarnation time horoscope would be (a) at an earlier degree of Leo, (b) in Cancer or (c) in Gemini.

One birth (Incarnation time) is of spiritual origin and relates to the unique cosmic code and binding contract of life set forth between your soul and the Universal Mind (i.e., God) that accompanies every reincarnation on earth. This is the spiritual birth that establishes your energetic pattern of life.

The other birth (physical birth time) is of physiological origin and relates to the biological organism of the human body that has been built from the period of gestation. The unique vibrational makeup of that specific body attracts a soul from a spiritual import to enter into, inhabit, and express itself AS a channel WITHIN that particular body IN this material world.

Speaking of “source”, it’s also worth mentioning what Edgar Cayce said with regards to the SOURCE OF ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCES. In READING 3744-4, given on November 24, 1923, he talked about the planets and the source of astrological influences. In that reading, he also gave a placeholder name for what later came to be known as the planet Pluto in the year 1930. The name was Septimus—the meaning of Septimus being: “seventh”, as counted from the point of earth, with Earth being 1; Mars, 2; Jupiter, 3; Saturn, 4; Uranus, 5; Neptune, 6; and Septimus (later Pluto) as 7. Part 31 of the Q&A of the reading stated the following:

  1. (Q) Give the names of the principal planets, and the influence on the lives of people.
    (A) Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Septimus.
    Influence as is given by many of those in and about the earth plane is defective. Many of the forces of each is felt more through the experience, by the entity’s sojourn upon those planets than by the life that is lead other than by will, for will is the factor in the mind of man that must be exercised. The influence from any is from what planet that soul and spirit returns to bring the force to the earth individual, as it is breathed into the body, from whence did it come? that being the influence. Not the revolution of the ideas as given from those who study of those forces, but study those that come, as the Star of Bethlehem came to the earth as the individual pointing out the way to Truth, the Light, and others can only be such as prepare their way through that light and influence.
  1. (Q) Are any of the planets, other than the earth, inhabited by human beings or animal life of any kind?
    (A) No.

What Edgar Cayce is basically saying is that the POSITION of the planet(s), and particularly the last planet, in which your soul (as a non-physical being) sojourned and came from before reincarnating into the earth will be the impelling influence upon your life while reincarnated on earth.

The planet on which your soul last sojourned could be any planet within the horoscope, and there is no way to determine empirically what planet that was. Only you can sense what planet(s) you feel the strongest connection to vibrationally and spiritually. The characteristics of that planet’s house location, zodiac sign, and activities will dominate so perhaps that can provide clues. Finding out the position of that planet’s location in your horoscope depends very precisely on the correct Incarnation time.

Edgar Cayce also said that no physical living human being or animal resides on any of the planets in this solar system. Science, of course, has been confirmed that since he gave this reading in 1923.

(Note: While it is true no physical beings reside on the planets within our solar system, Cayce said that as non-physical beings or souls, we do sojourn on them when not incarnated on earth to continue to learn lessons necessary in accordance with a particular planet and its energy.)

Please keep in mind that the use of the term SOUL should not be confused with nor is the same thing as the use of the term SPIRITUAL. The spiritual is of God or Christ Consciousness or that realm through which a soul makes its choice when reincarnating into the earth (or during planetary or other sojourns throughout the universe). The soul is your everlasting being that can either be at-one with or apart from (through CHOICE) the Creator—knowing your soul self to be itself and yet also an offspring of God.

EVERY soul that selects its incarnation time and cosmic code is doing so from SPIRITUAL origins!

Once a soul has selected its Incarnation time and entered into the material world THROUGH a physical (newborn) body, its mental awareness of the infinite is stored within its subconscious and erased from conscious memory. That awareness and remembrance of spiritual origins UNFOLDS and GROWS, CONDITIONALLY—depending, again, on CHOICE and what one DOES in the development of SELF as to one’s APPRECIATION, DETERMINATION, and APPLICATION of that which is set as an IDEAL (spiritual, mental, physical and material) and whether and how that ideal is AUTHENTICALLY LIVED in relation to oneself, to others, and to one’s spiritual practice, connection, and relationship to the Creator/God.


The Incarnation Time, as mentioned before, establishes the temperament and energetic nature of your MENTAL being, or predisposition, as well as the physical features that you’ve grown into from childhood and exhibit as an adult. It pertains to, establishes, and shows cosmic forces that govern your various MINDSETS.

Aside from zodiacal signs, planetary forces in this solar system also correspond to, facilitate, and CONTROL brain and physiological functions within the human body (such as certain glandular centers and organs). This is how planetary influences physically and spiritually impact the body. It’s also why certain stresses or dis-eases of corresponding astrological indicators can trigger problems (or diseases) in the physical body if one does not take heed to their warnings and manifestations in physical, mental, spiritual, and material life experiences.

The physical birth time establishes the OPPORTUNITY for physical expression of your soul IN a physical body in order to make constructive and practical application of mental, physical, material, and spiritual laws and lessons in a material world. It’s the means by which your soul enters from the spiritual into the physical plane in the cycle of continuous life from the spiritual to the physical and physical to the spiritual. The latter takes place when your soul exits from the human body at what here on earth is called death but in reality, is only BIRTH INTO the spiritual plane again.

It is only here on earth in which a soul, in physical a body, must contend with a heterogeneous mass of urges and influences from the astrological, past earthly sojourns, planetary (soul) sojourns, spiritual forces, and present earth incarnation.

The guiding factor that weaves all of these together is the MIND. Edgar Cayce said that the MIND is THE BUILDER in how it chooses to exercise choice or its free will—with choice, again, being a CONDITIONAL FACTOR that will determine the positive or negative manifestations, directions, and consequences in relation to what one sets as an ideal (if one was set at all) and to what one KNOWS is RIGHT or WRONG in mind, heart, spirit, and soul.

Yes! These interrelating conditions that combine influences from cosmic, spiritual, and earthly incarnations paint a most complex, if not amazing, picture of the diverse, widespread, and interdisciplinary nature with which each soul must contend in varying degrees and intensities regarding urges, thoughts, moods, and feelings when making choices and living on earth. It is only by the grace of a higher intelligence that all of these factors can be so perfectly paralleled, aligned, and coordinated.


Physical birth times are ineffective when trying to calculate them for astrological purposes. That’s not to say they are not important. They just need to be recognized for what they are: to allow a soul to enter into a physical body so that it may express itself, its ideals, and its purposes in a material world.

Beyond that, using a physical birth time in order to interpret astrological influences is misleading and will lead to inaccurate results and erroneous conclusions. Aside from the reasons already explained, not one has ever tested for 100% functionality. The fact is physical birth time horoscopes abound with inconsistencies, none of which can be rationally proven, explained, nor reconciled.

One such example is deciding what part of the physical birth constitutes the basis for the delineation of a horoscope. Is it when the first breath is taken by an infant? When the head of the newborn enters out of the womb? When the umbilical cord is cut? What about when feet-first births occur? Or Cesarean section births? What would be the basis then? There is no objective standard.

Another example is when the Ascendant doesn’t fit the actual personality of an individual. This I’ve already discussed at length. Edgar Cayce said this was the main culprit for confusions and doubts in astrological delineations as a result of differences between physical and spiritual (Incarnation) birth times. For instance, the physical birth time would suggest a personality that is dominant or aggressive when in fact the actual person in question is mild-mannered and quiet. Of course, the opposite can also be true.

Even cases when the physical birth time personality does match, it is virtually always in the wrong degree (at a later degree of the sign from where it should be)—which invariably means other parts of the horoscope would be wrong and not match, either. Those on the receiving end of astrological readings will get enough “hits” to know something is right. But then there will be those aspects of one’s life that don’t match at all. Short of having adequate answers supported by evidence, the astrologer may simply ignore these inconsistencies and/or force-fit explanations into a person’s life that simply do not exist in real life.

A third example that illustrates one of the clearest flaws of physical birth time horoscopes are those that show identical twins with different Ascendant signs and fraternal twins with the same Ascendant sign—even though identical twins look more alike than fraternal twins.

A fundamental principle of natal astrology is that the Ascendant governs the physical appearance as well as the personality of an individual. Surely, identical twins would have exactly the same Ascendant and possibly exactly the same (or nearly identical) horoscope. Fraternal twins would not. Their horoscopes are obviously different enough to cause large and noticeable differences in their physical looks and behaviors. Fraternal twins like Alanis and Wade Morissette or Ashton and Michael Kutcher clearly have different Ascendant signs, and those differences would be indicated in their horoscopes.

And still…a fourth and major inconsistency is forecast that are off in timing (i.e., inaccurate). Inaccurate forecast show astrological indicators that are totally out of sync with and unrelated to the real nature and timing of specific events. They are unreliable and useless. Again, these types of problems are only encountered when physical birth time horoscopes are used.

Incarnation Times (and their corresponding horoscopes), by contrast, are always 100% functional, provided the correct Incarnation times are calculated, tested, verified, and confirmed! When so, they produce astrological fundamentals and forecast that accurately and exactly match those of real-life individuals and events. Not only are they very precise but can be duplicated with repeatable results. As such, they do not allow for inconsistencies to subsist.

Incarnation Times, however, cannot be calculated directly. They do not occur on an analog, continuous scale of time (there are interims in between) but happen in sequences and flash-like moments concordant with pulses of energy. This is why there is an algorithmic basis to their calculations—in order to capture those instantaneous moments that are too fast for clock times.

Lastly, there are numerous demands that must be met to arrive at an accurate, provable, legitimate, and totally functional INCARN chart. This takes a lot of time, work, extreme effort, and a predominately left-brain approach. The mathematics and quantifiable nature of a tested, verified, and confirmed INCARN chart tend to provide information and answers that simply cannot be arrived at any other way.

Luckily, for those who are not mathematically inclined, such as myself (but who nevertheless understand the visual concept and rationality behind the numbers), they don’t need to know the technical mathematics/calculations embedded within the INCARN program in order to test, observe and confirm astrological fundamentals. The results will always speak for themselves.