An INCARN horoscope is your unique “cosmic code” that contains highly accurate and reliable information. Because this information is specific to you, it can enhance personal awareness of interrelating conditions affecting your life, pinpoint paths to self-empowerment, facilitate optimized decision making and favorable outcomes, and render precise forecasts of upcoming astrological influences/time cycles.

An INCARN horoscope also:

  • Reflects your TRUE astrological signature
  • Is specifically calculated through advanced GPS to assure that the exact latitude and longitude of birth is within less than a 1/4-mile radius
  • Helps in understanding yourself as you really are—and others as they really are
  • Maximizes favorable decision making and outcomes along prescribed paths
  • Has both a scientific (mathematical) and spiritual (quantum mechanics) basis to its functionality
  • Indicates avenues where specific capabilities can be best applied
  • Clearly shows what’s real and false in astrological phenomena—for example: it substantiates the Placidus house system, Tropical Zodiac, applied corrections from geographic to geocentric latitude, and Naibod Right Ascension day-for-a-year progressions as not only correct but also absolutely essential if one is to obtain the most accurate, consistent, and reliable astrological information that confirms true astrological fundamentals
  • Illustrates precisely how planetary spheres within our solar system play a significant role in aiding your relationship to and contact with the divine
  • Is a visual representation of the abilities your soul has merited and brought forth in this present incarnation on earth
  • Authenticates that there is life and consciousness of a soul beyond earth and that your entrance into this world is not by accident but for a significant purpose
  • Provides information about your relationship to every area of life
  • Deepens your sense of connection to the universe/God

The bottom line is an INCARN horoscope can provide a ton of valuable information and actionable insights on virtually every aspect of life. Areas pertaining to the nature of jobs, finances, romance, health, family, relationships, and business success are among the sources of information that can be found therein.

In regard to astrological forecasts, the most important signposts in life will virtually always be indicated and shown by progressions involving the Sun, Moon, Ascendant-Descendant axis, and Median Coeli-Imum Coeli axis. Aspects relating to any of these four indicators pinpoint times when decisions that need to be made will be of the greatest consequence.

You will get the best use out of an INCARN horoscope if you have PRACTICAL APPLICATION at the forefront of your thinking and decision making. That is: determine what it is you really and authentically want, and then USE the astrological forces and aspects to your advantage! It’s no different from any other field (e.g., science, technology) where making practical application of universal laws is necessary.

Asking yourself the question How can I best apply my knowledge, resources, and actions at this time and along these endeavors?—and then making intelligent use of astrological information, resources, and tools at hand—is the best mindset to have and the best way to apply these life-force technologies. That kind of mindset will also allow you to have greater confidence and certainty in the decisions you make as well as a better plan to navigate for what lies ahead.

Hence, the power is in YOU! An INCARN horoscope is only a visual replication of your energetic makeup. It is a TOOL that can be used for enhanced personal awareness and decision making so that you may minimized personal faults and increase personal virtues.

Whether you decide to utilize that tool (or some other) is a choice you have the power and birthright to make.