An essential component of an INCARN horoscope is its ability to provide super-precise & detailed astrological information, meaning: all cosmic indicators that are shown in a horoscope are in complete agreement with your life as a whole.

As an INCARN astrologist, I work with a standard, rigorous, tested, proven, and repeatable protocol that produces nothing less than a 100% functional horoscope. In doing so, my role is to help you understand and become aware of the energy currents and patterns in your life, how they give rise to tendencies that influence your decision making, and how you can tap into, access and apply them to your advantage.

One of the most remarkable things about an INCARN horoscope is that it can identify and predict—with a high degree of accuracy—WHEN important life cycles will occur. This includes not just the precise presence and timing of specific influences but also the exact areas of life that will be affected, what they will be indicative of, and what types of decisions will need to be made.

That being said, it is important to understand what an INCARN horoscope is and is not. An INCARN horoscope is NOT a fortune-telling tool. Yes, while it can pinpoint the timing of cycles and the types of influences that will be at play, it CANNOT tell you WHAT specific event WILL occur as a result of the presence of specific influences/energies. The reason is that results from influences depend on the type of choices made by individuals as well as the timing and context in which such decisions were made. As with everything, consequences are conditional and contextual.

There are various paths one can take in response to influences, and oftentimes there are conflicting thoughts, urges, and feelings to consider when making choices. This occurs within a person irrespective of his or her knowledge of astrology. An INCARN horoscope just helps a person to identify and become consciously aware of the particular nature and manner in which a specific influence (or influences) is prodding urges and decision making—so that actionable insights can be gained and better applied to counteract what otherwise might seem confusing and lead to a loss of direction or purpose.

Having information about the types of energies, choices, and actions available to you at certain times and cycles—and how you can maximize personal decision making and objectives by having unique, specialized knowledge at hand with regard to your own energy patterns and how to manage and apply them—can be very self-empowering and self-affirming. That’s the function and purpose of an INCARN horoscope.


An INCARN horoscope CAN:

  • Pinpoint the most likely and favorable times to get married according to your unique timetable of cosmic cycles (progressions)
  • Tell you the type of person (or mate) with whom you are most compatible or the astrological signatures that are likely to predominate in that person
  • Tell you when you will have “the strongest inclinations to” move—and/or whether the timing to do so is supported by advantageous or disadvantages conditions
  • Reveal the type of occupations for which your abilities are most suited…the likelihood of prominence in life…your creative potentials…your leadership capabilities…the best times to have children, et cetera.

An INCARN horoscope CANNOT:

  • Tell you when you will get married (that’s a choice that must be decided by you). The astrological indicators of the marriage date, however, WILL always correspond to your seventh house in some form.
  • Tell you exactly who you are going to marry (that’s a decision that must be decided solely by you)
  • Tell you when you will move (The inclinations to do so can be there, but will you act on them? That must be decided by you.)

You can think of your INCARN chart as your unique cosmic blueprint that enables you to have lifetime access to the types of influences that will be impacting your life at all times. It is tailor-specific and applies uniquely to you to provide accurate, use-value information to help you make decisions best suited for YOU.