John Willner was a retired scientist, electrical engineer, and master astrologer who created INCARN. Back in the 1940s, John learned about several astrological formulas and calculations that were tightly guarded and only passed down from teacher to pupil. Much of what he was taught encompassed fundamentals that were missing entirely from the majority of horoscope delineations and astrological literature. Ironically this is still the case today, almost 80 years later!

The original algorithms for calculating precise Incarnation times was transferred to John back in 1945 from a musician and astrologer by the name of Cedric W. Lemont. It was not given to him easily nor freely, and he paid a hefty price for the formulas, which, back then, he did by hand. Needless to say, the formulas have consistently proved to reveal awesomely accurate, precise, reliable and practical astrological information. For many years, John secretly used this knowledge for assisting others and for making important life decisions of his own, including hiring people and finding his marriage partner, Priscilla.

During the 1950s and early 1960s, John began studying the Edgar Cayce readings, particularly those that alluded to astrological influences. To his amazement, he found out that the core philosophy embedded in the algorithms he was applying independently for years coincided exactly with what was denoted in many of the Readings—especially those that talked about “spiritual birth times”. This led him to start thinking about ways he could make this knowledge more accessible for the use and benefit of others.

Since John was an electrical engineer with a strong scientific, mathematical, and technological background, he began the project of incorporating the formulas into a software program in 1966 while also compiling empirical evidence of other astrological fundamentals. However, due to career, family, and travel commitments he did not have the full-time luxury of creating the program immediately. So he did it part-time, when he was able to. Eventually, through the slow but determined perseverance—characteristic of his natal Taurus Sun sign—INCARN was completed twenty-three years later, in 1989.

John’s Taurus Sun and Scorpio Ascendant characterized his endurance and relentless determination that has led him over the course of 50 years to build a body of empirical evidence that substantiates the validity, systematic study, and practical application of astrology. Although he was an enigma to many in the astrological community, this man accomplished a great deal during his life time, both in his professional career as a scientist and in making sure that astrology, as a whole, became a much more precise discipline.

I was fortunate enough to get to know John, if only for a short time (two years), before he died in 2004. Although we never met in person, we corresponded frequently by email. I will say quite humbly that his brilliance was not limited to just astrology.

Aside from his scientific career and advanced astrological training, he was a top-notch researcher and even wrote a highly autobiographical fiction novel (If It Had Been A Snake) in 1958 about the life, thoughts and development of an electrical engineer. (Many thanks to my friend Cindy Irish, who forwarded me the book. Cindy actually met John and his family in person and was given a copy of that book when John died.) John had a vast knowledge of a variety of subjects. I’ve learned more about astrology from our conversations than anything else I’ve read pertaining to the field before then. Thanks to him, and the continuous application of these fundamentals, I continue to learn more now.

After John died, I remember reading something by him on an old astrological forum about his research on the Great Pyramid and that, according to his studies of the Great Pyramid, the Age of Aquarius began in the year 1953. I do not know the specifics, but Fred Bickum (a close friend of John’s and developer of Incarn2) told me that the number of steps from ground level up to the vault in the Great Pyramid represent years of progression from the date of construction to the beginning of the Aquarian Age. He also said that John told him that the rate of progression varied as one ascended the stairs and that there were certain alignments of the outer planets that corresponded to the beginning of the Aquarian Age. With all of the scientific and technological advancements that have developed since 1953, it does make one wonder.

John was an excellent mentor—the type that provided clues to help you think independently, clearly, and thoroughly through the process of understanding a subject in order to gain full comprehension. As a friend and disciple of John, I promised him that I would continue to inform the masses about this advanced form of astrology for their education and benefit. I miss him very much and will forever be grateful and indebted to him and his work.

Lastly, in addition to John, a lot of credit needs to also be given to Fred Beckum who has drastically upgraded and improved the original INCARN calculations and program via the new name Incarn2, which is available for serious researchers and students of astrology. Fred has a multitude of interests, including building boats and traveling the world (very fitting for Aries ASC) but chooses to take the time to improve upon and make this technology available. His efforts and work contribute to the accuracy, reliability, and legitimacy of the ENTIRE profession and practice of astrology. Thanks, Fred, you’re the best!!!