In order to obtain an accurate INCARN horoscope, you must include all of the information below when submitting your birth data in the link at the bottom of this page.

1. Name

2. Email

3. Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)

4. Time of Birth (AM/PM)

5. EXACT Birth Location/Address: This is VERY important. The location of one’s place of birth must be as exact as possible if an accurate INCARN horoscope is to be obtained. This becomes paramount in secondary progressions—when slight changes of natal planets and moving house cusps coincide with peak energy patterns affecting specific categories of life as an individual matures.

This is even more significant when progressed aspects involve the major angles of the Ascendant (ASC), Imum Coeli (IC), Descendant (DSC), and Medium Coeli (MC, or Midheaven), because they coincide with the most consequential or impactful moments in one’s life. Having the correct INCARN horoscope will show accurate forecasts down to the day of their occurrence, usually within less than seven minutes of arc (00° 07′) but can be a maximum of nine minutes (00° 09). 

6. Two Headshot Photos: This is to identify and ascertain the correct rising sign (ASC) that embodies your physical and mental personality. A huge misconception that has predominated throughout the astrological community is the belief that the physical birth time coincides with the moment the soul selects its horoscope. It does not. In fact, the astrological signature of an individual takes place during the period of labor (from several minutes up to 5 hours before physical birth time). Such differences between the Incarnation and physical birth times is the reason why many feel that their personalities, according to their physical birth times, do not fit them. In such cases, it is more than likely that they have one of the two preceding ascendants as their real personality.

7. List of Significant Life Events: Significant events qualify as those that are of major consequence or that have been most impactful on your life. When an accurate Incarnation time and horoscope has been ascertained, it corresponds to every momentous occurrence that transpires in your life with relevant astrological indicators that match the exact nature and timing of every crucial life event, without exception!

Hence, the ability to test, verify, confirm and obtain an accurate Incarnation time is especially paramount. Examples of major life events include: marriages, moves/relocations, hirings/firings, deaths of loved ones (or those to whom you were emotionally very close), honors won, major negotiations or acquisitions, divorces, graduations, accidents to the body, birth of children, major surgeries, advancement of career positions, election wins, etc.

When listing an event, it’s important that you be as precise as possible to include BOTH the nature of the event AND the EXACT month, date, and year it occurred. I encourage you to provide as many notable life events as possible. A minimum of 8 major events is required, although the more you can provide, the better each confirmation authenticates that the INCARN horoscope is 100% functional.

8. Issues You’d Like to Discuss

9. Brief Description About Yourself

To begin the process of obtaining your INCARN horoscope, please send all required birth info (as described above) at our Birth Data Submission Form page.