An INCARN horoscope encompasses more than just analyzing energy patterns and their cycles of influence on a specific individual. It represents the contractual (and cosmic) agreement that accompanies every soul who reincarnates on earth. That agreement is between an individual soul and the universal laws affecting time and space that synchronize to the rotations of the planets about the earth. These cosmic patterns and their numerological (aspectorial) relationships can be decoded and used to facilitate important decision making for individual and soul development.

Since everything that exists came from the cosmos, the composition and makeup of the biological human body—prompted by the animated, electronic “life-force” of the soul residing within—contains and corresponds to the same compositions, elements and energies found in space.

Aside from the physical body, the planets also correspond to specific colors, elements, and musical notes. Every planet and its corresponding color is represented in the color triangle—including the three outer planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They are located at the apexes of the color triangle and represent 100% saturated colors (i.e., those of the darkest shades visible to the naked eye) of the three primary colors and are the higher octaves of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars.

The zodiac signs also follow an intelligent and orderly arrangement in relation to the planets that rule them in this solar system, including those signs with dual planetary rulerships (as shown below).

Because the seven major endocrine glands (or chakras) have direct correspondence to the planets, they can be the channels of influence through which one can attain higher states of consciousness and remembrances in both the foundations of the earth and one’s spiritual origins. Their colors are in the same order as a rainbow when sunlight hits a prism.

In fact, in a metaphysical sense, the planets and zodiac signs act as “witnesses” with regard to the activities of humans on earth. Their relative positions in relation to one another, to time and space, to the earth itself, to an individual on earth, and to the operating forces (glands) WITHIN a human body all play a role in how each person’s life activities are measured.