The phenomenon of life and death involves a much more complex and expanded aspect of reality than most people might think. And cosmic forces play a salient role in what occurs in the transition between rebirth into the physical plane and back again into the spiritual plane.

Incarntology clarifies and shows how astrological influences are INTIMATELY RELATED to REINCARNATION of an individual on earth—reincarnation being the RESULT of what a soul HAS DONE or made of itself in its choices in the eons of space and time as both a physical being and a spiritual being, thus bringing forth its specific cosmic energy, or cosmic forces, TO the physical body it is to inhabit while on earth.

Many of you might wonder:

  • Is there an intelligent order by which a soul reincarnates?
  • How does reincarnation take place?
  • At what moment is the newborn child reincarnated with a soul and spiritual forces?
  • Can such a moment be determined empirically?

These are some of the questions that will be answered throughout this website. The goal is not only to provide insightful, practical, and beneficial information to you for your personal growth and development but also to prompt conscientious and capable individuals to do further (and interdisciplinary) research, as such answers here are by no means complete but rather a link that connects the pieces of a larger puzzle dealing with universal truths beyond mere statistics.

Incarntology’s objective is to help others become aware of their relationships to the universe, show how astrological forces impact their destinies and, most of all, instill hope and inspiration by uniting science and spirituality in a manner that equally supports the facts of reality AND enhances our spiritual essence/origins. In fact, the 100% functionality of INCARN horoscopes (based on Incarnation times) unfailingly show zero-gap correlations, in which observed data and expected data are always equal or have a Chi-Square of zero. To the material mind, that might seem impossible since nothing is taken as absolute. Yet, these spiritual road maps exist and show the cosmic basis and significance of one’s reincarnation as well as the SCIENTIFIC and empirical data to support well-known traits, patterns, and expressions of astrological indicators (planetary energies and zodiac signs).

Overall, if just one message, or universal truth, can be gathered from this website—it is this: Every soul on earth enters a physical body, not by chance but for a definite purpose, at a specific Incarnation time, and with a unique cosmic code. That cosmic code is reflected in an INCARN horoscope that’s an exact and faithful representation of an individual’s life!