WHO WE ARE: A resource for the scientific understanding, application, and advancement of astrological science, tools and techniques for self-awareness, self-growth, whole-life development, and spiritual connection

WHAT WE DO: Provide empirical, accurate, and precise astrological information that is qualitative, quantitative, practical, and effective for: personality identification & assessment; forecasting & planning the timing of influences; and maximizing decision making toward favorable outcomes along prescribed paths/directions

HOW WE DO IT: Calculating, testing, verifying, and ascertaining Incarnation Times, which coincide with individual life energy patterns. That information is then used to identify precise definitions and fundamental principles of specific areas of life—along with in-depth, actionable insights uniquely beneficial to each individual

WHY WE’RE IN BUSINESS: To reunite science and spirituality in a manner that corroborates the facts of reality & enhances our spiritual essence and origins

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to provide an empirical basis for the existence, understanding and study of spiritual forces; show spiritual seekers how their entrance into this world is not by accident but for a significant purpose; inspire assurance and hope; and enable others to be aware of life in its entirety… to make optimum life choices… to live a better life… and to deepen their sense of connection to the universe (God).

Here are a few testimonials…

Over the several years I have known Shaun, I have found his work to be accurate, practical, and done with integrity. He has the rare ability to intuitively discern the big picture of situations, trends, and personal patterns that some fail to perceive. For these reasons, he is the astrologer whom I recommend to my clients…

Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., Intuitive Consultant and Medical Intuitive (ABSMI)

Shaun amazes me with his ability to zero in on situations just from looking at an astrological chart. He pinpointed a period when he said I was most likely to get a promotion. And guess what? Within that exact month, I was promoted to senior project manager at my firm! I’ve had other astrological readings, but they were always filled with pieces of information that did not fit me (and sometimes threw me off). With Shaun, EVERYTHING he told me was right on point! I truly believe he is working with the scientific form of astrology astrologers have been looking for and trying to prove for years.

Thank you so much Shaun for your guidance and practical insights. I look forward to working with you again as I learn more from my ‘DNA blueprint’ of life.

Elise C, New York, NY

No one is better equipped to provide and help you sort through the best possible astrological information and guidance than Shaun Barry. Having in your possession your very own precise, verifiable astrological chart is one of the most amazing pieces of information you’ll ever own. No guesswork. No wondering if your time is correct. An INCARN chart tests and verifies itself.

There are enough unanswered questions in life. Knowing who you are should never be one of them. Knowing where you’re going raises the odds you’ll reach your destination.

I highly recommend Shaun and his astrological expertise.

Cindy Irish, author of “The Song That Seduced Paris” (Enoch Publications LLC, 2015)

Shaun! This write up is absolutely phenomenal! Everything is extremely on point! 

Chantel Utley, “Chantel’s Beauty Talk