Finding Your Spiritual Center & Choosing Friends

Getting to a receptive, deep meditative state of attunement to the divine within is one of the most important things you can do as part of your birthright and offspring of the Creator or God.  But in a world that’s constantly bombarding you with static, noise and distractions, how do you find your spiritual center?  The first step toward establishing the contact, communication and relationship with that sacred presence is having a genuine desire for spiritual attunement from within. 

One way of making the conditions proper for your mind and body toward finding your spiritual center is to make it a priority to take stock of self by finding a time and place where you can be completely alone without any distractions or interruptions (including inner talk, inner chatter, and inner noise).  The time, place and space have to be something that, to you, represents and serves as a channel of influence in heightening the sensitivities of your mind and body toward attuning to the spiritual.

Your state of mind and heart-felt intentions are critically important, because the slightest distraction or negative thought can abruptly jerk or snatch you out of attunement and be the equivalent of a mental and spiritual slap in the face. That’s why it’s important to establish a secure place within yourself (be grounded) and where there is no external disturbances.  The aim here is to get the MIND (as the antenna, channel, and way) and HEART (as the key, through its intentions and sincerity in seeking to be in the presence of that which is sacred) to function and be as ONE in purpose so that the CONTENT of what you are seeking will be delivered unto you..  

There are various manners through which you can establish an attunement.  The methods used vary from one person to the next depending on the personality, character, values and activities of each individual.

Music, for instance (or certain types of music, musical notes, and melodies), is one of the best methods that can facilitate and establish an attunement because it directly reaches the etheric and emotional sensing systems and centers of the body to put you in a receptive and sympathetic state of being toward higher frequencies.  Aromatherapy is another method that directly reaches, impacts and awakens the senses to affect mood.  And what you’re trying to get into is a mood that’s receptive toward attuning to the spiritual.

Another way you can establish attuning the mind and body toward the spiritual is by being in a certain environment, location, or energy points on earth. While such places as the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Stonehenge, or Jerusalem are known for their sacredness and energy to facilitate in raising others’ vibrations (be it attunement, meditation, or prayer), the place chosen for attunement does not need to be a famous place.  For practical purposes, it could be any place (or local space) that has a special significance and sacred meaning to you—whether the origins of such a significant place derives from past childhood memories and experiences or from an unconscious “Déjà vu” feeling that you can’t quite pinpoint but know you’ve been there before (perhaps in a past life). 

One of the most direct ways you can establish attunement is by connecting to the beauty in nature such as the awe of the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the sounds of nature (i.e., of water flowing through a river or down a waterfall, or of wind rustling leaves in the tress, or of the sound of birds chirping), or the light of the sun shining upon the sparkle of a gem or blooming of a flower.

The use of certain tools, such as crystals, metals, colors, scents, and vibrational therapies (radial appliance, wet-cell appliance, violet ray) can also equalize the channels within your body to enhance its capacity or ability toward making an attunement. Attunement can even occur through activities such as reading an amazing book, watching a wonderful movie, having a rekindled interest in something you might have had as a child, or anything that inspires a certain sense of life or vision or an ideal.  There is no one way and each facilitates in making an attunement or of being in a particular “zone”.

But the attunement to which I am referring is the DEEP, SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT of “My spirit beareth witness with thy spirit” that occurs during those quiet moments when you’re all alone and there is the SINCERE and HUMBLE SEEKING for something higher to answer the inner cries, emotions, and unselfish concerns within yourself—when the egotist and egoist selves are out of the way and your mind’s antenna and sensing systems are turned towards SPIRITUAL DESIRES and IMPULSES. 

Once those conditions are met, a phenomenon takes place in which there is an AWARENESS and REALIZATION followed by the SENSATION of the HEART center coming into CONTACT with its SACRED REGION OF THE DIVINE WITHIN.  It’s hard to explain, but its force is so profoundly impactful that you’ll know when it’s there.  It eradicates all worries and concerns in a way that no amount of talking or therapy ever could.  It put you, if even only for a moment, in direct contact with the PRESENCE and awareness of the I AM of your spiritual origins/foundations—of that meeting between your sacred self and God in that TEMPLE of the body and CHURCH WITHIN by which the consciousness of the soul re-AWAKENS to bear witness to and align with its spiritual PURPOSE for being here on earth.

It’s where the egotist self takes a backseat while the conscious self is fully aware and gets reacquainted with the sacred, divine self within—getting to know THAT self’s IDEAL or THAT self’s highest concept and metaphysical value of life: how that sacred self SEES ITS relationship to life on earth, to its fellow human beings, to its conscious self’s being, actions and activities, to the universe, and to spirituality or God.

After that sacred meeting with the divine within is adjourned, the goal is to maintain and have a constant contact, communication and RELATIONSHIP with that Creative Force. Making divine contact is a most profound experience.  But, the question then becomes: what will you DO about it?  Will you hold fast to, apply and live the ideal…little by little, day by day? Or will you revert back to the purely material-minded, shortsightedness of the egotist self that gets bogged down by distractions, gossip, social media, instant gratifications, selfishness, anger, malice, etc.?  The answer, or rather the actions, will determine the consequences of whether you’ll have peace mind and live joyfully or be in a constant inner living hell created by your own mental narratives and intentions.

It’s not easy, but it is ultimately the responsibility of each individual as to whether or not he or she makes that connection within.  There are some individuals who don’t seek or want to have that connection or who simply can’t imagine it since they have no belief in spirituality, whatsoever (their conscious memory of their spiritual foundations is dormant).  But, either way, it IS a CHOICE of free will, and a CONDITIONAL one, at that!   

Ultimately, the goal should NOT be to rush to die and leave this world to a “better place” but to LIVE NOW in Christ Consciousness as an offspring or CHILD OF CREATIVE FORCES or GOD through APPLICATION of MIND and universal laws in the SPIRIT of TRUTH and GOODWILL towards the BENEFIT of ALL—in materializing the spiritual and spiritualizing the material (and uniting science and spirituality) as to make a haven and heaven on earth (as Edgar Cayce so rightly said)!

Being able to attune, identify, connect and have a relationship with that sacred part of your being is the greatest way to conquer and elevate the self toward reaching and living its highest ideals (highest meaning: that which has its basis in all that is good, merciful, considerate, kind, fair, unselfish, nonjudgmental, understanding, right over wrong, virtuous, etc.) and knowing your spiritual origins.  Even if an individual doesn’t know his or her spiritual origins or is an atheist, that individual can still live an ideal life if his or her character and actions embody all that is virtuous.  The only part that’s conditional is whether or not he or she decides to make an attunement and become AWARE of his or her spiritual connection to God.  The part that’s unconditional is that he or she is a living and everlasting offspring of God and is loved just the same.

It’s important to understand that finding your spiritual center (or inner change and awakening) will not come from relying on some external force, grand manifestation, spectacular arrival, or coming of something to earth.  Nor will it come from your reading the Bible on one hand but then thinking of and treating your fellow human being cruelly on the other hand. 

You can’t hide from self and are only fooling yourself if you think you are holy because you go to church, hold or read or quote selective passages from a Bible, or claim to be a Christian!  If you are occupied with anger and hate and are treating fellow human beings with contempt, you are mocking the very thing which you are claiming to be.  It’s better to treat and do unto others as you would want them to do unto you—which includes being patient and understanding of those who share different views from you.

But the task before you (and before each of us) is to CONQUER (and honor, not laud over) the SELF and make the self at-one with all that is good and OF the good!  Take inventory of, and time to be alone with, self.  Listen inwardly as to whether or not something sits well within your consciousness (and conscience).  The answer will come to you through the sensation you feel either coming from the center (middle) region (or pit) of your chest or the pit of your gut.  Is it a feeling of expansion, hope, positivity, joy, love, kindness, helpfulness, generosity?  Or is it a heavy, uncomfortable feeling as if you’re carrying a burden on your chest? 

If it’s the latter, pay attention to, following and identify the SOURCE of that sensation. Something, either from yourself, from another individual, or from a decision you’re about to make, is likely out of touch with what you know to be your innermost ideals or of what you know to be that which is right or that has its foundations in that sacred love felt when you’re connected to your spiritual ideal.  Take a step back and away from that uncomfortable feeling to reexamine the significance of that sensation.  It might be necessary for you to reverse course (or at least take a pause) in what you’re currently doing and re-attune or re-connect yourself back to the spiritual headquarters within.  What guidance is awaiting you there?   

Once self is conquered, you can trust your inner guidance in finding people and potential friends of good character.  

For those of you who may not know or are looking for some type of direction, look to the ACTIVITIES in which people participate.  How do they treat others?  What are THEIR ideals (and what are they founded upon, i.e., what is the SOURCE of those ideals)?  What is the message that they are spreading to others?  Is it of hope, helpfulness, inspiration, kindness, consideration, goodness in fellowship, neighborly love, brotherly/sisterly love, friendship and truth?  Or is it of hate, malice, fear, chaos, confusion, lies, deceit, and anger?  The answer should guide you as to whether you decide to form relationships with or politely decline and stay clear away from such forces.

Remember: only when each of us individually, first, and then collectively, second, treat ourselves and one another with respect, kindness, and decency will we make the world a better place for all.