The Mesmerizing Superwoman: Beyoncé

If there is one person who can be called a Superwoman, it is Beyoncé. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in the world but is also one of the most mesmerizing, spectacular, extraordinary, phenomenal, multitalented, and beloved artists of all time!

With respect to her tenacity, work ethic, charisma, vocals, dancing, theatrics, stage presence, visuals, videos, gold-platinum-multi platinum certification statuses, most-awarded achievements (including multiple Grammy, MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, Billboards Music Awards, and Soul Train Awards, to name a few), world-class performances, worldwide admiration, signature voice and style, and iconic status as an entertainer, she is the closest there is to a female version of Michael Jackson.

By all standards, she is in a league of her own.

From the time she was a child, Beyoncé was a performer and would always put on shows for guests in her home. She entered and won many competitions and at 9-years-old began performing in an all-girls group composed of six girls called Girls Tyme. With Beyoncé as the lead singer, Girls Tyme also performed in various competitions, including Star Search in 1993.

Throughout the years, the group went through several name and record line-up changes, but in 1996, with the group now of four ladies, they finally found a name that clicked: Destiny’s Child. The following year, they signed up with Columbia records and in 1998 released their first album that was self-titled of the group’s name. It included the track “No, No, No”, which became their first major hit.

As successful as “No, No, No” was from their debut album, it was their second album, The Writing’s on the Wall, with hits such as “Say My Name”, “Jumpin’ Jumpin’”, and “Bills, Bills, Bills” that really sprung them into stardom and won them two Grammys in 2001. The group continued to have multiple hits from their third album “Survivor” that topped the charts and gave them a legacy as one of the best-selling female groups of all time throughout the early 2000s. In addition to Beyoncé’s musical success within the group, acting opportunities came as well that enabled her to star in three films before her solo career in 2003.

From her solo career in 2003 to the present, Beyoncé has gone on to release a multitude of number one selling albums; star in various films; launch a host of successful business ventures and commercial partnerships; engage, donate and dedicate herself to multiple philanthropic causes; and take part in activism for feminism and social justice.


I verified Beyoncé’s INCARN chart about 5 or 6 years ago. Because there were conflicts regarding her physical birth time, I had to perform a 24-hour run to find out all possible Incarnation Times at the Park Plaza Hospital birth location of 1313 Herman Avenue, Houston, TX 77004 on the date of September 4, 1981.

The coordinates for her birthplace are: 29N43.21, 95W23.15. There were 16 Incarnation Times/horoscopes and Ascendant signs available on that day for that exact location. The Ascendant signs were Gemini (2), Pisces (2), Aquarius (2), Sagittarius (2), Scorpio (2), Virgo (4), and Cancer (2).

After testing multiple horoscopes against important events in her life, the Incarnation Time/INCARN horoscope that matched her was the 08° 44’ Virgo Ascendant—making her virtually a “pure” Virgo. She’s down-to-earth, low-key, hyper-alert, very detailed-oriented, an exceptionally hard worker, and a person that can be supercritical in her strives, if not demands, for precision and perfection.  

Beyoncé has an extraordinary and exceptionally powerful horoscope! Seven of 10 celestial bodies are prominent in her chart: Venus, the Sun, Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus.

  • Venus is parallel her DSC/ASC axis in declination and contraparallel her Sun
  • The Sun is in her first house and aligned to her ASC/DSC axis in declination
  • Neptune is aligned to her IC/MC axis in declination and located in her fourth house
  • Mars is aligned her MC/IC axis in declination
  • Mercury is in her first house
  • Pluto is parallel the Sun
  • Uranus is conjunct the Moon

In addition to the planets mentioned above, notice how every cardinal angle of the Ascendant, Imum Coeli, Descendant, and Medium Coeli has a planet sitting on and aligned with its axis. This is a horoscope of an individual who is conspicuous by her presence and can’t help but stand out!

The celestial influences above place strong emphasis on music, art, prominence, leadership, the movie industry, fantasy, acting, dramatic performances, drive, competition, communications, media, entertainment, power, resourcefulness, innovation, and exceptionalism.

Venus’ alignment to her DSC/ASC axis in declination enhances personal beauty and is also indicative of her direct participation and involvement in music-related activities—particularly in partnership with others (Venus parallel to the DSC). Venus rules her second and ninth house cusps. One area of life points to talents and activities that contribute to her source of income (Libra second house cusp) while the other area of life points to activities relating to travels, providing experiences for others, and putting on shows for or giving performances to the masses (Taurus on ninth house cusp). In addition to Venus, the Sun and Pluto also sit on her ASC/DSC axis in declination, which increases personal power, independence and magnetism.

This configuration of planetary alignments to her ASC/DSC angles is no coincidence, by the way.

All dancers, choreographers, gymnasts, martial artists, athletes, performers, boxers, representatives, ambassadors, advocates for others, and activists have planets either sitting directly on their DSC/ASC angles (in longitude or declination) or filling up their first and seventh houses; either that or they have their first/seventh houses intercepted. One of those three configurations is always present for these individuals. Why? Because these professions pertain to activities in which one’s whole body is involved and in which physical exertion is required in coordinated efforts with others or as part of a team.

Neptune’s location in her fourth house and its exact alignment to her IC/MC axis in declination coincides with her career and status as a fascinating, mesmerizing, alluring, world-class performer and icon. It’s as if, from birth, she was destined for a career relating to the movies, photography, inspiration, fantasies, make-believe, acting, embellishments, breathtaking performances, or providing an idealized vision of something. This is an individual who is aligned with her purpose. She not only brought such potentials from her cosmic blueprint to fruition but still is fulfilling and living that destiny to the fullest.

Mars’ location in the eleventh house and its alignment to her MC/IC axis in declination coincides with a male figure managing her career (her father) toward the intensive drive and aggressive pursuit of career success (MC), social entertainment, promotions, cooperative creative efforts, and providing happiness, pleasure and fun to others (eleventh house). Mars’ contraparallel to Neptune combines vigorous energy, drive, determination, and dominance with inspiration, fascination, fantasy, and allure—aka: the indomitable alter-ego of Sasha Fierce!

Her Sun in the first house indicates a leader—one who is proactive, that’s the center of attention, and who likes to take charge. A strong and positive ego is there, as well. A first house Mercury, which is what she has, unquestionably involves an individual in some type of communications or media-related activities. Its conjunction and parallel to Saturn gives her the propensity to be very careful and cautious in how she communicates and responds as she is super aware of how that reflects upon her persona (Virgo ASC and Mercury in first house) and reputation (Gemini MC). There’s also a tendency to be very critical or super anal about doing things a particular way.

Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto are in the second house of talents and capabilities that can be used to earn an income and wealth. They are influenced by the planet Venus, via their location in the sign Libra. Saturn co-rules her fifth house Capricorn and Jupiter co-rules her Sagittarius IC (fourth house cusp). They form a conjunct aspect to one another. Creativity is focused on slowly expanding her artistic talents with the support of family always there. A collaboration of working with others as a team in such endeavors is also there (Jupiter’s co-rulership of her Pisces DSC).

Venus and Pluto in the second house coincide with her earning an income from music and dancing and the never-ending, resourceful, and extraordinary ways in which she captures and entertains mass audiences (ninth house, ruled by Venus). Her Venus and Pluto are especially meaningful because they are conjunct the fixed stars of ARCTURUS and SPICA whose apparent positions in longitude are 24° 31’ 30” of Libra and 24° 07’ 57” of Libra respectively. Planets or angles in these positions can lead to GREATNESS. Venus and Pluto are further energized and empowered by their contraparallel and parallel to the Sun (think of it as a conjunction in declination). Pluto parallel her Sun intensifies her personal magnetism, resourcefulness, energy, and tendency to be secretive and hold things in reserve for later use. Venus contraparallel her Sun intensifies the importance and prominence of music as an artistic expression of her essence, life force, and core being in addition to using such a beautiful force in collaboration with others (contraparallel).

The Moon and Uranus in the third house spend a considerable time traveling, experiencing, learning, rehearsing, practicing, and preparing for social promotions and event planning, cooperative enterprises, getting out her ideas and visions to others (eleventh house endeavors), and putting all of this, full force and non-stop, into her work (sixth house). The orientation is to practice, master, and get better at her personal craft (third house) so that she can share, communicate, and provide such experiences to the masses, via her performances (ninth house).

Her Scorpio Moon influences her emotional intelligence and attitude. Scorpio (and Pluto) is resourcefulness, likes to keep things private, and can be secretive about even the most minor things. Something is always hidden and held in reserves for later use, when needed.

The DSC or seventh house is indicative of spouses or mates. A spouse fundamentally will have his or her Sun, Moon, ASC or MC corresponding to any one or more of the following: 1. the sign on the DSC or its planetary ruler(s), 2. a planet in the seventh house, 3. planets sitting on or near the DSC angle in longitude or declination, 4. the zodiac sign(s) the DSC ruler(s) is located in, and 5. close aspects the DSC ruler (or planets in the seventh house) makes to other planets.

The DSC or its ruling planet(s) can be prominent in a mate’s cardinal house, conjunct/parallel/contraparallel the mate’s Sun or Moon, or sitting on an angle in either longitude or declination in a mate’s horoscope.

Beyoncé has Pisces on her DSC, co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Libra. Venus is also parallel her DSC. Jay-Z has a Sagittarius Sun and Libra Moon. The astrological indicators of his Sun and Moon are there and meet the criteria required for establishing a matching correspondence to Beyoncé’s DSC/seventh house energies.

While these astrological indicators above match Beyoncé, the 08° 44’ Virgo INCARN horoscope still needed to be tested and confirmed against important events in her life. Only then can there be confidence that the horoscope is 100% functional, correct, and in correspondence to astrological fundamentals/universal spiritual laws. The results demonstrated just that! 

Many events were tested and confirmed. I’ve included seven of them below:

  1. February 08, 2004: Won 5 Grammys at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards
  2. April 04, 2008: Married Jay-Z in secret ceremony, with only 40 guests comprised of family and close friends
  3. January 31, 2010: Won 6 Grammys at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards
  4. May 22, 2011: Frist recipient of the Millennium Award at the Billboard Music Awards
  5. January 07, 2012: Birth of Blue Ivy Carter
  6. February 08, 2015: Won 3 Grammys at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards
  7. June 13, 2017: Birth of Rumi & Sir Carter

Every one of these events was accompanied by pertinent aspects that matched the nature and timing of each occasion within 0-9 minutes of arc (00°00′ to 00°09′). Those aspects that have a yellow star next to them in the charts below are the most relevant and notable.

February 08, 2004: Won 5 Grammys at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards

Any type of acclaim, awards, or honors bestowed upon a person should have an aspect related to the tenth house—either with the MC directly (if important enough), a planet in the tenth house, or its ruler.

  • Progressed Moon contraparallel natal Venus: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Sun parallel natal Saturn: 3 minutes
  • Progressed MC square progressed ASC: 6 minutes

April 04, 2008: Married Jay-Z in secret ceremony with 40 guests of family and friends

  • Progressed Pluto semisquare/sesquiquadrate natal ASC/DSC: 8 minutes
  • Progressed DSC/ASC trine/sextile natal Mars: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Neptune 165°/15° natal MC/IC: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Uranus semisquare natal Jupiter: 3 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC semisextile/quincunx natal Mars: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury semisextile natal Mercury: 2 minutes
  • Progressed DSC/ASC square progressed MC/IC: 4 minutes

January 31, 2010: Won 6 Grammys at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

  • Progressed Sun parallel natal Jupiter: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Moon sextile natal Mercury: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Neptune 165° natal MC: 6 minutes
  • Progressed ASC parallel natal Mercury (MC ruler): 7 minutes
  • Progressed ASC sextile progressed Mercury: 2 minutes
  • Progressed MC trine progressed Mercury: 7 minutes
  • Progressed MC 105° progressed Jupiter: 0 minutes

May 22, 2011: Frist recipient of the Millennium Award at the Billboard Music Awards

  • Progressed MC sesquiquadrate natal Moon: 9 minutes
  • Progressed ASC semisquare natal Moon: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Neptune 165° natal MC: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Mars sextile natal Venus: 8 minutes
  • Progressed Venus contraparallel natal Mars: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury (MC ruler) contraparallel progressed Mars: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury 15° progressed Jupiter: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Moon parallel progressed Uranus: 8 minutes

January 07, 2012: Birth of Blue Ivy Carter

  • Progressed Sun semisquare natal Uranus (co-ruler of 5th house cusp Capricorn): 3 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC 105°/75° natal Venus: o minutes
  • Progressed Neptune 165°/15° natal MC/IC: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Moon semisquare natal 6th house cusp: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Venus 75° natal 6th house cusp: 9 minutes
  • Progressed Moon semisextile progressed Venus: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Saturn semisquare progressed Uranus: 4 minutes

February 08, 2015: Won 3 Grammys at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

  • Progressed ASC trine natal MC: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Neptune 165° natal MC: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Mars trine natal Neptune: 6 minutes
  • Progressed ASC 75° natal Neptune: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Venus parallel progressed Neptune: 6 minutes
  • Progressed ASC parallel progressed Saturn: 8 minutes

June 13, 2017: Birth of Rumi & Sir Carter

  • Progressed ASC square natal 5th house cusp: 4 minutes
  • Progressed 5th house cusp quincunx natal Sun: 4 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC contraparallel/parallel natal 5th house cusp: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Sun contraparallel natal Pluto: 4 miinutes
  • Progressed Moon parallel natal Moon: 8 minutes
  • Progressed Pluto 15° natal Saturn: 3 minutes
  • Progressed ASC parallel natal Jupiter: 5 minutes