The Chaotic State of the United States: What’s to Come?

Going into 2021, it doesn’t look like tensions here are going to ease up anytime soon. The progressed Mars aspect of stress and strife to the United States’ natal angles is expected to last until mid-year of 2023. There will be mitigating as well as challenging influences along the way. Progressed ASC/DSC will be making an important aspect to a prominent planet within less than 5 minutes that is sure to bring human relations matters to the forefront as we start off the New Year.

Throughout 2020, but especially since election day to the present, progressed Mars’ contraparallel to natal MC has been (and is) the single biggest factor playing a role in the controversy, chaos, strife, and inward fighting that’s been going on within our country. Mars in the tenth house coincides with it being instigating by those in power or leadership.

However, progressed Mars’ contraparallel natal MC is not the only planet causing political disharmony in this country. It is progressed Pluto contraparallel to natal Venus and natal Mars (by 0 and 2 minutes, respectively) that has been the main aspect of influence over the last few presidencies (Clinton, Bush, Obama, presently Trump, and into Biden) that has lead to a continued battle in what seems like irreconcilable differences with regards to relationships, ideologies, and economics—and how these should be applied in the private vs public sector. This aspect has been in place since the Clinton administration and will continue to be in place (within 5 minutes or less) over the next several decades.

What will next year look like, and will this chaos continue? What can be surmised so far is that, starting January 1, 2021, progressed ASC/DSC will be coming into a semisquare/sesquiquadrate to natal tenth house Saturn within 4 minutes of arc. This Saturn will be the handle planet and focus with respect to leadership playing a role in making definite changes, restraints, deliberations, and considerations upon relationships. Such implications will also relate to laws, economic conditions, and experiences affecting people. Saturn will act as a mediatorial influence toward bringing order out of chaos. Hence, that unbridled progressed tenth house Mars’ contraparallel to the natal MC will be checked and balanced by the planet of law and order. This aspect will be present from January 2021 to April 21, 2021.

I took a look at the progressed aspects of the U.S.A. chart from January to August of 2021, and some dates to look out for include:

  1. January 6 to 14: Progressed Moon in second house 105° progressed Mars. In addition to the aspects already mentioned above, the progressed Aquarius Moon will be touching upon an aggressive progressed Mars that’s already causing disruptions. The progressed Aquarius Moon is further empowered by progressed Uranus sitting right on the angle of the DSC. The implications here suggest some type of involvement pertaining to the public, emotions, aggression, anger, leadership, and resources/possessions/properties.
  2. January 20 to January 28: Progressed Moon in second house square progressed Saturn in eleventh indicates restrictions, cautions, and changes pertaining to public planning and the use & protection of resources/properties.
  3. January 24 to February 1: Progressed Moon quincunx natal Venus: socialistic influences.
  4. February 28 to March 8: Progressed Moon sextile/trine natal ASC/DSC. This aspect will be in combination with progressed ASC/DSC semisquare/sesquiquadrate to natal Saturn (which will be in aspect until April 21). Together, these aspects are indicative of cooperative efforts, negotiations, and plans as they relate to socioeconomic conditions.

5. March 23 to April 1: Progressed Moon sesquiquadrate/semisquare natal MC/IC. Emotionally charged conditions and changes pertaining to U.S. leadership and status (MC) and families and households (IC).

6. April 20 to April 28: Progressed Moon sesquiquadrate natal Mars: indicative of highly charged emotions with respect to rights and relationships involving other people and socialistic consequences.

7. April 29 to May 8: Progressed Moon quintile progressed IC: possible changes relating to homes, households, families with respect to economic conditions

8. May 10 to May 19: Progressed Moon trine progressed Uranus: possible radical changes with respect to socioeconomic conditions and experiences affecting people/relationships

9. May 17 to May 26: Progressed Moon sesquiquadrate natal Neptune: possible new social ideal set forth by leadership as it relates to economic matters affecting homes, families, households

The progressions from June 26 to August 26 (but especially for the month of July) will be especially meaningful/most impactful. They will include the following aspects:

  • Progressed Mars contraparallel/parallel natal MC/IC: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury trine natal Mars: 8 minutes (approaching)
  • Progressed ASC/DSC semisquare/sesquiquadrate progressed Jupiter: 1 minute
  • Progressed Moon contraparallel/parallel progressed MC/IC: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Moon 105°/75° progressed MC/IC: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury contraparallel progressed Venus: 0 minutes

The nature of these aspects, especially to and from all major angles at once, indicates some major changes in regards to plans, expansions, and implementations of socioeconomic conditions and their impacts on relationships/people, homes/households/families, and leadership. Such changes will be deep-seated and likely to have an emotional impact (progressed Moon contraparallel progressed MC/parallel progressed IC). Such aspects will be in effect until August 7. Those involving the progressed ASC/DSC to progressed Jupiter will be in effect until the end of October.

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto are the planets involved as well as the ASC/DSC and MC/IC.