The Effects from Coronavirus: How Long Will It Last?

What are the astrological indicators of pandemics, and when will the Coronavirus pandemic end?

To understand that, I looked at the astrological indicators found in transits from the 1918 Pandemic (that lasted from 1918 to 1920) and compared them to those found during this pandemic.

The two planets and indicators that stood out in both the 1918 pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic we are now facing are Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Cancer (1918) and Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (2020). The pattern observed in the 1918 pandemic was the following: 1. Jupiter approaching or entering the same local space and house location as Pluto; 2. Jupiter making a conjunction to Pluto during the heightened waves of the pandemic; and 3. Jupiter waning or separating from Pluto by a different house location and separation of more than 30° during the end of the pandemic:

And below are the same cosmic indicators at they pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020:

From the astrological indicators above, it looks like the COVID-19 pandemic could be over, or nearly over, by the summer of 2021. Controversial influences and tensions within the U.S. from progressed Mars contraparallel natal MC are still expected to continue until 2023.

A very important transiting aspect that occurred for the last few years is transiting Neptune’s conjunction to the progressed U.S.’ Sun in Pisces in the third house. It came to be a very destructive influence in the sense that it gave rise to misinformation, disinformation, deceit, hoodwinking, and false narratives in this Information Age during the time of its conjunction with the progressed Sun in the third house (the Sun also being the ruler of natal ninth house cusp Leo).

This year, Neptune will be at its peak influence on the U.S. due to the fact that transiting Neptune is nearly conjunct the natal U.S. IC/MC angles, at its last stages in the third before it shifts to the fourth house and in opposition to natal Neptune in the tenth house.

As Neptune transits into the fourth house and out of its conjunction to progressed Sun in the third house during the spring of 2021, its effects on disinformation will dissipate but still leave a strong effect/impact upon the mold and character of this nation (via its conjunction to the natal IC, opposition to natal MC). Perhaps its influence will gravitate toward a new vision or set of ideals.

A note on transits vs secondary progressions: Transits are not as strong as secondary progressions in the sense that transits relate to the positions of the planets since the solar system formed. Transits are general, pertain to, and affect everyone. They relate to overall conditions on earth (or for a certain part of the earth) for everyone such as the weather, pandemics, natural disasters, etc. Secondary progressions, on the other hand, are very specific, individualistic, and related to the continued slow movements of planets based precisely on your exact Incarnation time of birth. Such continued movements are not in sync with transits but instead with your unique energy cycles. Hence, they are highly personal.

The reason why I mentioned transiting Neptune is because it was making an important (and very strong) aspect to a progressed light of the U.S. horoscope—an aspect and influence that has had (and continues to have) major implications and consequences on the nation as a whole with respect to information intake or induction by its peoples.

Now, moving on to secondary progressions (as opposed to transits), we can gain even more detailed information about how the U.S. is being (and will be) impacted.

For instance, when the first lockdowns in the United States began on March 20, progressed Mars in the tenth house was entering into a contraparallel/parallel to natal MC/IC within 5 minutes. This coincides with what we have been seeing and experiencing: mandates and forced lockdowns from those in power as it pertains to homes/home life/families; a time of great stress; and internal fighting within the U.S. family (IC) and among its leaders (MC). That is still happening now and will continue to happen for the remaining year. This influence from Mars will be in place for about two years.

Speaking of Mars, if you look closely, you will notice that both the 1918 progressions and the 2020 progressions have progressed Mars sitting on the MC/IC axis. The only difference is that in the 1918 charts, progressed Mars was in longitude via its conjunction/opposition to natal MC/IC axis. In the 2020 charts, progressed Mars is in declination via its contraparallel/parallel to natal MC/IC.

What happened during both pandemics? Forceful actions in the forms of curfews, business closings, wearing masks, and mandated shutdowns were implemented by those in power in order to decrease and stop the spread of transmission. As was the case in 1918, there are members of society that are resistant to, angered by, and giving backlash to these measures in the present. The presence of these same astrological aspects in 1918 and 2020 is not coincidental.

I looked further into the progressions for the year 2020, and they indicate a tumultuous year not only in dealing with this pandemic but also with respect to social unrest, protests, rebellion, stress, anger, and violence.

For example, just looking at this month alone, the month of May, and particularly toward the end of this month, there appears to be very strong and emotionally charged energy of a social/public nature (Moon) as it pertains to human beings/people (ASC/DSC). These aspects include the following:

  • Progressed Moon sesquiquadrate natal Uranus: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Moon parallel/contraparallel natal ASC/DSC: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Mars contraparallel natal MC: 4 minute
  • Progressed MC/IC 15°/165° natal Uranus: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Saturn trine natal Venus: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Pluto contraparallel natal Venus: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Pluto contraparallel natal Mars: 2 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC trine/sextile progressed Moon: 5 minutes

Whatever event transpires from these progressions, it will be of major consequence, given the prominent indicators and types of aspects present. Time will tell.

Now, with regard to the 2020 election, take a look at the United States’ chart progressions aspects for that date:

  • Progressed Mars contraparallel/parallel natal MC: 2 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC sextile/trine natal Mercury: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Moon 105° natal Saturn: 1 minute
  • Progressed Venus quintile natal Sun: 1 minute
  • Progressed Mercury sesquiquadrate natal Jupiter: 1 minute
  • Progressed Saturn trine natal Venus: 8 minutes
  • Progressed Pluto contraparallel natal Venus: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Pluto contraparallel natal Mars: 2 minutes
  • Progressed ninth house cusp quintile natal Venus: 6 minutes
  • Progressed ASC/DSC quincunx/semisextile progressed ASC: 9 minutes
  • Progressed Venus square progressed sixth/twelfth house cusp: 3 minutes

In a separate article on presidential election wins, I ran comparison INCARN charts of all presidential candidates of the United States from 1960 to this present year, 2020. In comparing the two current presidential candidates’ INCARN charts (Trump and Biden), there will be a clear winner—but not without battles! These aspects in the United States’ chart around election time (and possibly thereafter), especially that progressed tenth house Mars contraparallel/parallel natal MC/IC, are indicative of controversies not only relating to increasing government lockdowns in response to the spread of the pandemic but particularly battles to claim power. The tightened orb of 2 minutes relating to progressed Mars contraparallel/parallel natal MC/IC indicates an intensification of influences.