The Magical Artist: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson came from a highly talented family of artists and was prodded at a young age toward a career in music. Under the strict tutelage of their father, his three oldest brothers began singing locally throughout the city of Indiana in the early 1960s under their last name, The Jacksons. Michael and his younger brother, Marlon, were added to the mix in 1964, eventually forming The Jackson 5.

Throughout the years, they continued to sing, travel and hone their musical skills by winning competitions, performing before various audiences, and doing opening acts for established artists. The ultimate magic of Michael’s voice combined with the group’s synergy, musical talent, and dances led to a signing with Motown Records in 1968. Their first Motown single, “I Want You Back”, was a major success and No. #1 hit on the U.S. Billboard charts, No. #2 in the U.K., and on the Top 100 charts internationally—selling 6 million copies worldwide.

The Jackson 5’s success continued into the 1970s with other major hits, such as “ABC”, “I’ll Be There”, “Ben”, “Sugar Daddy” and “Dancing Machine”. During that time, they had grown to be the first black male artists and teen idols to appeal equally to all races nationally and internationally as well as one of the most successful black groups in music history.

The group eventually left Motown by the mid-1970s, due to limitations placed upon their creative freedom, control of music, and songwriting production. As a result, they signed with CBS/Epic Records in 1975 and began writing and producing their own material. Michael continued to be the lead singer of the group into the late 1970s and early 1980s. During that time, he began to branch out on his own. His success as a solo artist began with his Off The Wall album (produced by Quincy Jones) in 1979. The album infused a combination of various genres such as R&B, pop, disco, funk, easy listening, soft rock, jazz, and ballad that won him many awards, including Best Male R&B Vocal (Grammy), Favorite Album R&B, (American Music Awards), Gold & Platinum Certification (Recording Industry Association of America), et cetera.

His continued musical genius led to the creation of Thriller which, in itself, became the bestselling record in the U.S., around the world, and of all time! This monumental achievement revolutionized and propelled his musical career to “King of Pop” status. His featured songs and videos on MTV had an enormous impact on opening doors for many other black artists to attain mainstream exposure. In spite of his achievements, Michael continued to push the bar higher and higher—maximizing his musical talents, choreography, albums, song writing, performances, and eclecticism in combining genres with other artists.

His dynamic influence upon the world came not only through his music but also from his humanitarian efforts. In 1992, he founded Heal the World Foundation and his contributions to charities to help benefit many people around the world were without restraint. He was and will forever remain in spirit one of those very rare, remarkable individuals whose enchanting persona, legendary music, humanitarian deeds, and transcendental influence changed and brought joy to the lives of millions. A soul that has progressed far ahead in his destiny than most, he will be missed, wholeheartedly, by many throughout the world.


I first calculated Michael Jackson’s INCARN chart on what would have been his 51st birthday, August 29, 2009. At the time, there was no definitive birthtime available, and the published horoscopes of Michael Jackson were a mixed bag of sorts—with Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Aries rising, to name a few.

Being confronted with this conflicting information, I ran Incarnation times for the entire day for the exact location of his birth in order to ascertain his true Ascendant. As expected, INCARN was able to calculate an exact match of the one and only Ascendant and horoscope that corresponded to his personality and life: the 16° 08′ Pisces rising. This meant that his Incarnation Time had to occur during the last part of the day between 6pm and 11pm.

As it turned out, Michael Jackson’s Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson, quoted Michael’s physical birth time of 7:33 PM straight from Katharine, Michael’s mother, on his Twitter account on August 28, 2010. It confirms the correct ASC I had calculated a year before—just at a later degree.

Michael Jackson’s 16° 08′ 09″ Pisces INCARN horoscope shows indications of an individual who is highly talented, artistic, sensitive, dreamy, timid, and extremely perceptive. Notice that the Moon sits right on his Ascendant, accompanied by the intercepted first and seventh houses. He was a dancer, a popular individual, constantly in the public eye, traveled a great deal in life, and had a great concern for humanity. A large part of his time was spent working with a team, which included his brothers as a child and later in coordinated choreography with other dancers.

The Moon rules Michael’s fifth house cusp, which represents his personal creativity, philosophies, visions, fun, hopes, and dreams. His fifth house insights, visions, ideas of fun, of being young, of wanting to be a child, and of the future were Piscean in nature (Peter Pan, Neverland, etc.) and characteristic of those things he held very dear to his heart. Another thing the moon relates to is motion and rhythm—two things associated with music. The Moon’s conjunction to his Ascendant meant that personal creativity (fifth house energy) was applied directly to his physical body to create and enhance dance moves. It gave him the ability to have fluidity and swiftness in his movements. Its location in the twelfth house of services and benefits to mankind prompted him to work for popular causes. Since it rules his fifth house, part of such causes involved matters pertaining to helping children.

Jupiter, one co-ruler of his Ascendant, is located in the seventh house and in Libra (Venus-music related). It is indicative of the positive and expanding relationships he had with many people during his life. He always tried to seek harmony and balance when dealing with others and spread love and benevolence among humans. Jupiter is also in opposition to his first house intercepted Aries, which indicated the many that tried to use him and did. They came in great numbers.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Neptune increased his interest and preoccupation with things of a fascinating, unusual, and somewhat “otherworldly” nature. He was filled with idealisms while others say he was filled with delusions. Neptune also related to his participation and acting in movies in addition to his spectacularly entertaining music videos. He was a fascinating person and possessed a special and unique flair found in few individuals.

Neptune, the other co-ruler of Ascendant, is located in the sign Scorpio. Scorpio contributed resourcefulness, magnetism, and an aura of mystery to his personality—as well as a tendency to be secretive. Neptune-in-Scorpio’s influence in the eighth house indicated resourcefulness but also a degree of idealism, mystery, and ambiguousness in matters pertaining to assets, intellectual properties, investments, etc. Neptune and Jupiter also co-rule his Sagittarius Midheaven.

The negative influences from Neptune made him highly misunderstood (and misrepresented) by others and furnished feelings of abandonment. Jupiter and Neptune’s influences and contraparallel to Mercury in the eighth house suggests that those who used him had economic motives and were not past using deceptive and treacherous means to get it from him—whether through the law (ninth house Sagittarius with Saturn therein) or through public sentiment (Moon in Pisces in the twelfth). In fact, the contraparallel of Mercury to both Jupiter and Neptune was likely the source of constant and overwhelming pressures from the mass media as it instigated and contributed heavily to misconstrued narratives about him. These are with regard to external influences (houses 7 through 12). With regard to internal influences (houses 1 through 6), the Neptune-Jupiter-Mercury declinations gave rise to a Disney-like mindset and way of being (Pisces ASC), a large family with many siblings in the music and movie industry (Gemini third house cusp and Gemini IC), and places of residence that were large, extravagant, and had a Neptunian-fantasy ambiance to them (Gemini IC).

Saturn’s alignment to the MC/IC axis is indicative of at least one restrictive, or strict, parent having a dominant influence upon his life and on the manner in which he interacts with the public/outer world. Its location in Sagittarius installs a serious and philosophical mind but also a degree of timidity that would otherwise not normally be expressed from Sagittarius without Saturn’s restrictive influence. Saturn is in the ninth house of shared, or sharing, experiences with others. Many travels and performances in front of the masses encompass those experiences.

Saturn square to the Moon represented challenges, changes, and restrictions to those things he cherished and that gave him emotional security.

Taurus on the second house cusp was indicative of his vocal talents, which he applied directly toward his personal work and accomplishment in the field of entertainment (Leo Venus in the sixth house).

Second house Mars (co-ruler of intercepted first house Aries) location in Taurus, parallel to Venus, close aspect to his Imum Coeli (fourth house cusp), and square to Mercury (ruler of IC) coincided with the forcefulness to which his father pushed him and his brothers’ vocal and musical abilities, which no doubt generated income.

Not only do astrological indicators point to factors unique to Michael, but they also point to ALL factors in his life—including other people.

Gemini on the third house cusp of personal learning experiences (especially during upbringing) includes siblings and corroborates the constant hard work he and his brothers had to undergo in preparations and rehearsals to entertain and sing for others, as indicated by Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo in the sixth house. Gemini here can also be a practical joker and have a lot of fun with siblings.

Gemini Imum Coeli (fourth house cusp) shows the home and family position and station throughout life. At least one parent is indicated here. The other is indicated by the tenth house.

With these indicators, the nature of siblings and parents would be expected to have significant corresponding elements to Michael’s third, fourth and tenth house signs and planets—such as having their Suns, Moons, Ascendants or Midheavens in those signs. Or having the planetary rulers of those signs prominent in their horoscopes.

Gemini is on his fourth house cusp and Sagittarius is on his tenth house cusp. Mercury is in Leo (ruled by the Sun) and Jupiter is in Libra (ruled by Venus). Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, has a Leo Sun and his mother, Katharine Jackson, has a Taurus Sun (ruled by Venus). The Sun and Venus-ruled signs for his parents are accounted for.

Mercury also rules Gemini’s third house cusp. Mercury is conjunct to Venus and Pluto and closely aspects Jupiter, Mars, Sagittarius Midheaven (MC), and Gemini Imum Coeli (IC). It also contraparallels Jupiter and Neptune in declination. Michael’s sisters Rebbie and LaToya Jackson have Gemini Sun signs; Janet and Jackie Jackson have Taurus Sun signs; Tito has a Libra Sun sign; Jermaine has a Sagittarius Sun sign; Marlon has a Pisces Sun sign; and Randy has a Scorpio Sun sign.

Mercury’s square to second house Mars was just previously discussed. It shows the pressure and strife that were related to making money from the entertainment industry. Mars relates to the male of the two sexes. With Mercury’s rulership of the fourth house cusp and its square to Mars, it is not surprising that he had a difficult relationship with his father.

Cancer on the fifth house cusp has already been mentioned with respect to the Moon’s influence on his ASC. Cancer can have very maternal instincts, ideas, philosophies, and visions of the future and prefers enjoyment with close-nit friends, children, and family.

Leo on the sixth house cusp coincided with his work in the entertainment industry. Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and the Sun in the sixth house shows a heavy focus of life-force energies on his work and career. To say he was an extremely hard worker is an understatement. Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo can be an absolute workaholic—one who is capable of getting things done better than most and who tends to be a perfectionist. Pluto, especially, provides the incentives to push oneself over the limit in order to achieve success. If heed is not taken to get some rest, it can lead to physical and mental overexertion and complete burnout.

The above five planets in the sixth house and their close contacts with the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune support the nature of his work in the music, entertainment, and television/movie industry.

Virgo on the seventh house cusp with Libra intercepted therein is indicative of the personalities of others with whom he had relationships as well as the nature of those relationships. Clues are provided by seventh house planets and signs, the location of planetary rulers in other signs and houses, and aspects directly to the Descendant.

Most of the people with whom he built close relationships he actually met through his work in the entertainment industry (Mercury and Venus in Leo in sixth house). Some of them include Quincy Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley, Brooke Shields, and Diana Ross. All of these individuals would have to have astrological signatures matching his seventh house planets, signs, and sign rulerships.

Quincy Jones has a Pisces Sun and Libra rising (his birth certificate says 8:40pm, not 3:40pm). The Jupiter and Libra seventh house influences correspond. In addition, Elizabeth Taylor had a Pisces Sun (co-ruled by Jupiter), Lisa Marie Presley (whom he married) has a Pisces Moon and Aquarius Sun (Michael’s Venus, which rules his intercepted Libra, is conjunct Uranus), Brooke Shields has a Gemini Sun and Moon, ruled by Mercury—just like his Virgo DSC is ruled by Mercury. Diana Ross has an Aries Sun and Taurus Moon (Venus, ruler of the seventh house intercepted Libra, is parallel Mars), and Debbie Rowe (whom he also married) has a Sagittarius Sun, ruled by Jupiter.

Just so it’s understood, simply having someone’s Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven signs correspond to those of your seventh house does not indicate that there’ll be an automatic match. There still has to be powerful aspects between two people’s charts involving those same elements. The above correspondences was just illustrated to show that, at the very least, those signs would have to be prominent in the horoscopes of those with whom he had relationships. But, that is only the tip of the iceberg of the more complex factors involved in making a strong connection.

Scorpio on the eighth house cusp provided the capabilities to be exceptional in matters of managing and preserving the assets, talents, belongings, finances, estates, wills or inheritances in connection with other people. Scorpio here can be secretive in regard to such activities.

Sagittarius on the ninth house cusp with Saturn therein, in conjunction with Jupiter in Libra conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, supported his philosophical ideas and beliefs in matters of social occurrences and society at large. Sagittarius seeks to find the truth and has the ability to reject data overload and get straight to the heart of a matter.

Capricorn on the eleventh house cusp is influenced by Saturn’s conjunction-opposition to MC/IC axis and its square to the Moon and ASC/DSC axis. As already mentioned, this reflected constraints in matters on his personal desires and hopes (5th house) and having friends or fun with others (11th house). Saturn’s alignment to the MC/IC axis square Moon configuration played a role in his having to grow up too fast. It’s very interesting to note how these aspects coincide with and support his own statements below with regard to friendships and having fun with others:

“[Y]ou don’t get to do things that other children get to do, having friends and slumber parties and buddies. There were none of that for me. I didn’t have friends when I was little. My brothers were my friends.”

“I remember one time we were getting ready to go to South America and everything was packed up and in the car ready to go and I hid and I was crying because I really did not want to go, I wanted to play. I did not want to go.”

Capricorn on the eleventh house cusp, with Saturn in Sagittarius, shows that Michael was friendly toward everyone but also a little reserved and shy. Those people whom he did had close friendships might have been carefully chosen to prove themselves worthy. Capricorn on the cusps indicates they were likely to be ambitious and successful themselves, but with Saturn’s square to his ASC/DSC, a number of them also used him.

Aquarius on the twelfth house cusp provided the incentives to take up for the underdog in addition to his humanitarian concern and efforts toward making a better world and humanity. Uranus in Leo conjunct Venus showed his singing and music played a contribution in such efforts, but it also showed how extremely generous he was in providing aid to others throughout the world. Moon in Pisces in the twelfth shows how the effects upon society deeply affected him (and vice-versa).

Thirteen noteworthy life events and their secondary progressions are included:

  1. January 18, 1980: Won multiple awards at the American Music Awards
  2. January 27, 1984: Accident—hair caught on fire at Pepsi filming shoot
  3. May 14, 1984: Received a humanitarian award from President Ronald Regan for his support and charities that helped many people overcome alcohol and drug abuse
  4. April 5, 1990: Received “Artist Of The Decade” award from President George H.W. Bush
  5. May 1, 1992: Received a “Point of Light Ambassador” award from President George H.W. Bush
  6. May 26, 1994: Married Lisa Marie Presley in secrecy in the Dominican Republic
  7. December 6, 1995: Fainted on stage during rehearsals/hospitalized for dehydration and heart arrhythmia
  8. November 13, 1996: Married Debbie Rowe in Sydney, Australia
  9. February 13, 1997: First child, Prince Michael Jackson, was born
  10. April 3, 1998: Second child, Paris Michael Katharine Jackson, was born
  11. February 21, 2002: Third child, Prince Michael II, was born
  12. June 13, 2005: Acquitted of all child molestation charges
  13. June 25, 2009: Died from cardiac arrest at UCLA Medical Center

January 18, 1980: Won multiple awards at the American Music Awards

  • Progressed Ascendant trine natal Midheaven: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Venus semisquare natal Jupiter: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Venus semisextile natal Uranus: 1 minute
  • Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Moon semisextile natal ninth house cusp: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Venus parallel progressed Mercury: 1 minute
  • Progressed Mars 105° progressed Uranus: 7 minutes

January 27, 1984: Accident—hair caught on fire at Pepsi filming shoot

  • Progressed Uranus quincunx natal Moon: 9 minutes
  • Progressed Mars trine progressed Sun: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Mars sesquiquadrate/semi square progressed MC/IC: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Sun 105°/75° progressed MC/IC
  • Progressed Jupiter conjunct progressed Neptune: 2 minutes

The unfavorable aspects from progressed Mars and progressed Sun to the progressed MC and IC were the primary indicators of his injury from burns/fire. Mars and the Sun are two fiery, hot energies, and their aspects indicated caution should have been exercised during that time with regard to fires, burns or injuries affecting the physical body.

In addition to fires, accidents, and injuries, Mars rules Aries and relates to the head. Its progressed location in the third house coincided with the event taking place during preparations and rehearsals (3rd house) for the filming/commercial shoot. Mars also rules his intercepted first house Aries; hence, his physical being was affected. Its progressed aspects with the progressed Sun and MC/IC connects it to the progressed chart. In the progressed chart, Mars is directly impacting the first house. Again, an emphasis is placed upon the physical body.

Progressed Sun rules the natal sixth house cusp, which related to the medical attention he received (in the progressed chart, Sun is in the sixth house). It is progressed in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. Venus relates to and affects the skin, hair and nails. Progressed Sun and Mars’ aspects to the progressed MC/IC axis impacted his public (MC) and had a strong impact upon his inner being (IC). The MC aspects coincided with this being a noteworthy and highly publicized event.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct progressed Neptune both co-rule his Pisces ASC and coincided with his involvement in the filming (Neptune) shoot. I wonder if having both rulers of his ASC progressed in Scorpio (a Mars-Pluto ruled signed) increased his susceptibility to fires/accidents during that time of progressed Mars’ influence. It would not be surprising since Mars (and Pluto) pulls upon the signs of Scorpio and Aries (and any planets therein) as it exercises its forces.

May 14, 1984: Received a humanitarian award from President Ronald Regan

  • Progressed Sun 165° natal ASC: 1 minute
  • Progressed Uranus quincunx natal Moon: 8 minutes
  • Progressed MC sextile natal ASC: 4 minutes
  • Progressed MC 105° progressed Sun: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Uranus 105° progressed ASC: 9 minutes
  • Progressed Jupiter conjunct progressed Neptune: 0 minutes

April 5, 1990: Received “Artist Of The Decade” award from President George H.W. Bush

  • Progressed MC parallel natal Saturn: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Sun sesquiquadrate natal Mars: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Uranus quincunx natal Moon: 7 minutes
  • Progressed MC 105° progressed Moon: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Sun contraparallel progressed Venus: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury semisextile progressed Pluto: 6 minutes

May 1, 1992: Received a “Point of Light Ambassador” award from President George H.W. Bush

  • Progressed MC 15°/165° natal twelfth and sixth house cusps: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Moon 75°/105° natal ASC/DSC: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Mars 75° natal Venus: 1 minute
  • Progressed Mars square natal Pluto: 3 minutes

May 26, 1994: Married Lisa Marie Presley in secrecy in the Dominican Republic

  • Progressed Mercury (ruler of DSC) parallel natal Moon (ruler of fifth house cusp): 0 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury semisquare natal Mercury: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Mars square natal Pluto: 8 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC quincunx/semisextile natal Mercury: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Sun 105° progressed Moon: 7 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC 105° progressed Mercury: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Jupiter semisquare progressed Saturn: 5 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC contraparallel/parallel progressed Pluto: 5 minutes

Progressed Pluto contraparallel progressed MC/parallel progressed IC supported the attempts to keep this event secretive from the public, although media outlets had speculations that they were getting married.

December 6, 1995: Fainted on stage during rehearsals/hospitalized for dehydration and heart arrhythmia

  • Progressed Moon parallel natal Uranus: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Mars quincunx natal Neptune: 8 minutes
  • Progressed ASC parallel progressed Uranus: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Moon semisextile progressed Uranus: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Venus semisextile progressed Pluto: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Jupiter semisquare progressed Saturn: 7 minutes
  • Progressed sixth house cusp 15° progressed Mercury: 8 minutes

November 13, 1996: Married Debbie Rowe in Sydney, Australia

  • Progressed DSC quintile natal Sun: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Sun (in seventh) 15° natal Jupiter (also in seventh): 4 minutes
  • Progressed Sun sextile natal Uranus: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Mars quincunx natal Neptune: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Moon opposition/conjunct progressed MC/IC: 6 minutes

February 13, 1997: First child, Prince Michael Jackson, was born

  • Progressed Moon (ruler of natal fifth house cusp Cancer) sesquiquadrate/semisquare natal ASC/DSC: 1 minutes
  • Progressed Sun square natal fifth house cusp: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Sun parallel/contraparallel natal ASC/DSC: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Mars quincunx natal Neptune: 6 minutes
  • Progressed ASC parallel/contraparallel natal Uranus: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Pluto (in progressed chart fifth house) 105°/75° progressed ASC/DSC: 2 minutes

April 3, 1998: Second child, Paris Michael Katharine Jackson, was born

  • Progressed Moon (ruler of natal fifth house cusp) quintile natal Jupiter: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Venus semisextile natal Sun: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury sextile natal Venus: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury semiquare natal Pluto: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Jupiter sextile natal Sun: 1 minute
  • Progressed Mars quincunx natal Neptune: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Moon contraparallel progressed Neptune: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Sun parallel progressed Mercury: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Venus semisextile progressed Jupiter: 1 minute
  • Progressed Moon semisquare progressed sixth house cusp: 0 minutes

February 21, 2002: Third child, Prince Michael II, was born

  • Progressed Moon square natal fifth house cusp: 0 minutes
  • Progressed Venus parallel natal Moon: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Moon 15° natal Jupiter: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Moon sextile natal Uranus: 8 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC (in natal fifth) square natal Neptune: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Mars quincunx natal Neptune: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Jupiter 165° natal Mars: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Saturn 105° natal Sun: 8 minutes
  • Progressed MC/IC trine/sextile progressed Mars: 9 minutes

June 13, 2005: Acquitted of all child molestation charges

  • Progressed Jupiter semisquare/sesquiquadrate natal MC/IC: 1 minute
  • Progressed Neptune semisquare natal Saturn: 4 minutes
  • Progressed Saturn 105° natal Sun: 6 minutes
  • Progressed Moon contraparallel natal Uranus: 2 minutes
  • Progressed Uranus 105° natal ninth house cusp: 9 minutes
  • Progressed Sun quincunx natal Mars: 5 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury quintile natal Venus: 1 minute
  • Progressed Venus quincunx natal Moon: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Mars square natal Pluto: 8 minutes
  • Progressed Moon square progressed Pluto: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Mercury quincunx progressed ASC: 1 minute
  • Progressed Mercury 75° progressed 9th house cusp: 5 minutes
  • Progressed ninth house cusp sesquiquadrate progressed ASC: 6 minutes

The decisions that were being made at that time, and that would’ve been of the greatest consequence to Michael’s life, were in regard to accusations about sexual abuse to a minor (fifth house), the law/court case (ninth house), the public (Moon and MC), and the possibility of his serving time in jail if found guilty (twelfth house).

The contraparallel aspect between the progressed Moon and natal Uranus was one of the predominant aspects. Contraparallels always involve interpersonal decisions. In this case, it represented a decision that involved the public (Moon) and the bizarreness, hysterics, abnormalities, and eccentricities (Uranus) surrounding the legal case in which he was immersed.

Progressed Moon was in the ninth house where legal matters occur. Moon rules his fifth house cusp Cancer, which has jurisdiction over matters pertaining to children as well as sexuality. Uranus is located in the sixth house of personal end results or consequences upon self. It rules his Aquarius twelfth house cusp of public service, which shows how society’s actions impact an individual (and vice-versa). The twelfth house relates to services or benefits to society or liabilities impinged upon same. Jurors are among those who serve the public in a good way whereas jailers serve to pay back debts to society for wrongful acts. The Uranus-Moon contraparallel aspect was one of the aspects that suggested a favorable outcome, as indicated by the complementary signs Sagittarius and Leo in which those two planets are located in longitude.

Mercury (along with Venus) co-rules his seventh house of interpersonal relationships/other people. The jurors, of course, were other people integral to this case. Progressed Mercury quintile natal Venus in conjunction with the Moon-Uranus aspect indicated the support he received from his family, close friends, legal team, and supporters. As to the meaning of the quintile, it represents a DEFINITE CHANGE of circumstances. It was another one of the aspects supportive of the final verdict!

Progressed Jupiter aspects its own influence through its semisquare to natal Sagittarius MC. The final verdict received massive attention all over the world. Jupiter rules his ninth house cusp, which again places emphasis on legal matters. The semisquare to the MC represented conditions coming to a final finish and a time for redirecting his energies elsewhere. Jupiter’s sesquiquadrate aspect to the opposite angle of the IC necessitated a change in personal lifestyle and status.

Progressed Neptune’s semisquare to natal Saturn is supportive of the deceptions and betrayal of those he thought were friends.

The quincunx between progressed Mercury and progressed ASC represented ADJUSTMENTS that needed to be made insofar as relationships with other people were concerned. The strong presence of Mercury’s involvement in many of the aspects also related to the media and news coverage he received.

June 25, 2009: Died from cardiac arrest at UCLA Medical Center

  • Progressed Sun parallel natal Jupiter: 3 minutes
  • Progressed Jupiter (in the eighth house) square natal sixth house cusp: 7 minutes
  • Progressed Neptune semisquare natal Saturn: 4 minutes
  • Progressed sixth house cusp 15° natal Neptune: 4 minutes
  • Progressed ninth house cusp 75° natal Neptune: 9 minutes
  • Progressed ASC quintile progressed Uranus (in progressed chart’s fourth house): 1 minute
  • Progressed ASC parallel progressed Pluto (in progressed chart’s fourth house and ruler of natal eighth): 0 minutes
  • Progressed sixth house cusp square progressed ninth house cusp: 6 minutes

His death was sudden, unexpected and shocking (Uranus) and related to abrupt heart failure (Uranus in Leo). It impacted his very existence (the Ascendant), internal functioning of faculties of the body (fourth house) and led to the departure of his soul (eighth house involvement).

Progressed Uranus and Pluto placements in reference to the natal chart would place them in the sixth house of personal health. His personal health was affected in relation to medical attention (or lack of) rendered upon him.

Progressed sixth house cusp 15° to his natal Neptune in the eighth house is a supporting aspect that fits with his death being in connection to drugs/medications. Progressed sixth house cusp falls into his natal seventh house, which supports another person, or other people, in connection to same. Progressed Jupiter in the eighth house square natal sixth house cusp was another supporting aspect of this most unfortunate event that cost him his life.