Astronomical Spheres of Influence

Every planet gives rise to a state of consciousness accompanied by propensities to which actions are undertaken by an individual. Each is distinctive in its influence, implications, and correspondence to specific colors (or wavelengths), metals, endocrine glands, organs of the body, musical notes, activities, manifestation of events, and zodiacal signs which it rules. Each also has its positive and negative traits, based on how a person exercises free will in response to urges.

The Sun and Moon, which really are not planets, have special significance beyond just “inclinational” influences. Known as the luminaries or “lights”, they signify the most fundamental aspects of a person’s being without which life would not be possible.

The Sun represents the individuality, essential spirit force, spark of life, and character of one’s being in how it oversees, moves, and directs its life-force energy in various states of consciousness and activities. It relates to life, vitality, self-rejuvenation, self-renewal, self-empowerment, dignity, position in society, authority, incentives to take charge and be proactive, independence, esteem, and the tendency to shine brightly. As with all influences, there is a positive and negative manner that it can manifest itself, depending on the types of choices made or a person’s level of development. Hence, when adversely expressed, it orients itself toward pure material-mindedness, superfluousness, arrogance, oneupmanship, and a tendency to look down upon others. When constructively expressed, it orients itself toward optimism, warmth, generosity, and life-enhancing deeds to the benefit of all. Another way to gather an even deeper understanding of this influence is to quote Edgar Cayce:

“The soul body…. the motivative power within, that has either grown in the constructive forces in its associations or activities [generosity, consideration, right action], or to the gratifying, satisfying of the superficial emotions or urges [superfluousness, all-about-me, materialistic ego].” —Edgar Cayce Reading 262-85 (14A)

The Sun’s placement in a horoscope shows the direction in which one concentrates one’s primary source of energy and around which all other things revolve. Physiologically, the Sun rules the leydig (or lyden). It also rules the heart, chest, skeletal system, and spine. The color orange vibrates to the Sun & musical note, Re – #D. It rules the sign Leo. Planets strongly aspected by the Sun (or Moon), such as being conjunct, parallel, opposition or contraparallel, become strengthened, empowered, and prominent in one’s life.

If the Sun represents the essence of life, then the Moon is a reflection of it. That is to say, the Moon represents a reflection of one’s life and the manner by which it is being lived in the form of EMOTIONS and one’s ATTITUDE. The Moon is the ultimate “witness within” and has jurisdiction in the storage and accumulation of all conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, habits, past experiences, past lives, and memories. The type of attitude and emotions that predominate in one’s life provides clues as to whether or not one’s life is being applied in the right direction and in the right manner—if it’s being lived as it should. All present-tense decisions are based upon what has previously occurred, and each decision that is made and action that is taken continues to be stored in the cell memory (or record) of one’s life.

Overall, the Moon represents a love of the social life, changeability, sensitivities, popularity, dealings with the public (or possible public support, if well aspected), revelations, deep meditations, obsessions (the type of obsession depends on the planet that’s in adverse aspect to the Moon), non-business related (Mercury) movements/travels, and liquids/water (along with Neptune). The Moon’s placement in a horoscope show areas in which all of the aforementioned reside. Physiologically, the Moon rules the pineal gland. It also rules the lymph system, eyes, bodily liquids, menstruation, sleepwalking, and memory-instinct functions of the brain. The color violate vibrates to the Moon & musical note, Ti — #B. It rules the sign Cancer.

Mercury represents the part of the mind that conceptualizes, analyzes, reasons, and communicates. It is not merely a mental expression but also an ever-present FUNCTION OF one’s being – just as the nervous system is an ever-present functioning that channels, receives, processes, and communicates signals to and from all areas of the body. As such, Mercury is the MOST ACTIVE of all planetary influences.

When one meditates or attunes to various or higher states of awareness, it is Mercury’s force that is being accessed and applied (although not exclusively, depending on the attunement). All matters pertaining to learning, writing, transporting, travel, commerce, and intelligence also fall under its jurisdiction. Physiologically, Mercury rules the adrenals glands—located in the region of the body called the solar plexus. It also rules the nervous system, circulatory system, gastrointestinal system, asthma, breathing, lungs, arms, hands, and nervousness. As already mentioned, Mercury has a direct influence upon ALL the glands and acts as the body’s communications specialists (through the cells) in how messages are transmitted through mechanical, chemical, and electrical (Uranus) signals to all areas of the body. Mercury also acts as a stress reducer. The color yellow vibrates to Mercury & musical note, Mi – #E. It rules the signs Gemini and Virgo.

Venus represents the balancing force that unites the material with the spiritual in manifesting to others the expression and spirit of harmony, love, equilibrium, fairness, beauty, justice, healing, friendships, and all things pleasurable to the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of humanity. It feeds to the mind those things needed to ignite and expand man’s concept of the aesthetic, socially harmonious, and beauty value of life to make it more sophisticated, complete, enjoyable, entertaining, peaceful, relatable and sustainable for all.

Venus also relates to feminity, the female of the two sexes, music, art, dancing, culture, luxurious colors and designs, stylish fashions, paintings, perfumes, and pleasurable surroundings. Physiologically, Venus rules the thyroid gland, which produces several chemicals that regulate and act as a balancer in the body’s metabolism—helping to manage growth and development of the body by making sure not too little nor too much chemical changes occur in lowering the calcium in the blood, in stimulating and maintaining heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and carbohydrate usage over fat usage for energy. And so this gland’s purpose is to keep the functioning of several areas of the body working harmoniously. Venus also rules the hair, skin, nails, scalp, kidneys, and throat. The colors cyan and indigo vibrate to Venus & musical note, La – #A. It rules the signs Taurus and Libra.

Mars represents that direct impulse towards action. It fuels and ENERGIZES the mind and body with the intensity to go out and get what it desires. It characterizes DRIVE within an individual. Depending on the degree of one’s development in the application of WILL, Mars can give rise to various negative or positive types of expression. At its lowest level, it can lead to misplaced and inappropriately expressed anger, impatience, madness, malice, fights, revenge, stress, pain, brusqueness, pressure, and a selfish and immature attitude in thinking it is all about oneself.

Mars at its better levels of expression can lead to a positive sense of competition, sports, exercise and weightlifting activities, racing, adrenaline drive (along with Mercury), and a daring and pioneering spirit. And at its highest expression, it is direct, forthright, truthful, fearless, courageous, and representative of and the most masculine ideals in defense of truth, reason, and honor. It also relates to metalworking, wood chopping, the military, generals, policemen, and firemen. Physiologically, Mars rules the gonads glands, sex hormones, and head. The color red vibrates to Mars & musical note, Do – #C. It rules the signs Aries and Scorpio.

Jupiter represents universality. It prompts and motivates the urge toward a LARGENESS of expression—of making thoughts, plans, ideas, ideals, personal activities, understandings, and creations EXPAND and GROW to GREAT heights toward many directions in sharing such growth and greatness with the MASSES. Jupiter can cause horizons to expand or avalanche-type of influences, where there is just too much for one to handle. It can cause corporations to become giants, men and women to become CEOs, companies/enterprises to spread overseas, and accomplishments to become worldwide.

Physiologically, Jupiter rules the Pituitary (or master) gland.  This gland controls the stimulation and secretion of hormones from other glands, because influences from this gland extend to the other glands—namely: the thyroid, adrenals, and gonads—and encourages growths of the body.  There are two lobes to this gland (the other lobe is associated with Neptune—the higher octave of Jupiter).  It also rules the liver, pancreas, cancer, boils, cysts, diabetes, obesity, and the feet.  The color blue vibrates to Jupiter & musical note, Sol – #G.  It rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

Saturn represents surefootedness, caution, fears, delays, roadblocks, step-by-step approaches, law/legal system, the medical profession, and fundamental principles. It seeks to establish and acts off of time-honored and proven approaches. Saturn also relates to the elderly, seasoning, experience, respect for authority and tradition, restrictions, withholdings, satire sense of humor, sarcasm, introspective thinking, bringing order out of chaos and, interestingly, change: in constantly making new amendments, setting new objectives, advancing ideals and statuses, and making updates. Physiologically, Saturn rules the thymus gland. This gland shrinks in size as one gets older and secrets thymosin and thymopoietin, which stimulate the formation of T-cells that help increase the body’s immune system and defense mechanism from pathogens or diseases. When this gland fails to function properly, major debilitating, chronic or fatal illnesses can occur. It also rules colitis (along with Uranus), constipation, chronic illnesses, arthritis, gallstones, the bones and cramps. The color green vibrates to Saturn & musical note, Fa – #F. It rules the signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Uranus is a planet of far-ranged influences and represents that which is extraordinary or extreme. From a materialistic angle, it relates modern technology, computers, mathematics, science, inventions, electricity, magnetism, engineering (especially electrical), space/celestial matters (including astrology), the contemporary, and the innovative. From a mental and spiritual angle, it relates to farsightedness, forward-thinking, revolutionary concepts, all “isms”, new behavioral patterns, the shocking and bizarre, the unexpected, the eccentric, and the occult: the study and application of psychic/soul/metaphysical conditions (while Neptune is the NATURAL phenomena and occurrence of same).

Unlike its counterpart Saturn, it does not wait around to act nor take conventional approaches. In a similar manner to Aries, it pioneers and initiates actions toward creating something new, unique, exciting, and unprecedented. However, like Saturn, Uranus (in most cases) insistence upon mental proofs, soundness, correlations, and confirmations and so does not readily accept things on blind faith—which is the exact opposite of Neptune’s influence. The symbol for Uranus (as with each planet) provides profound clues regarding its nature. Here, you have a sphere of matter topped by the cross of truth, to which outward-facing brackets are attached to the cross of truth. The brackets act as sensors in both lateral directions and signals processed are technical, modern, and revolutionary. The analytical, spatial, and creative aspects of the mind are united and utilized. This is why in the study of science, high-tech equipment, technology, measurements, sensors, and other advanced technology are needed and used in order to detect subtle signals of things microscopic, distant, or not readily perceptible (or verifiable) by direct observation alone.

Physiologically, Uranus co-rules the thymus glands with Saturn (there are two lobes) and governs sudden urgencies, emergencies, hiccups, cramps, electrical imbalances in the body, appendicitis, the ankles, and the veins. Whereas Saturn prods one to exercise caution, Uranus prods one toward quick/urgent actions. In many of the Edgar Cayce readings, he referred to these forces as the “changing influences”. The color saturated green vibrates to Uranus. It rules the signs Aquarius and Capricorn.

Neptune represents intuitive, psychic, inspirational, and spiritual forces. Its influences with respect to the material and non-material relates to illusions, make-believe, fantasy, the mystic or mystical, burning of incenses, spiritual awakenings, photography, motion pictures/movies, fascinations, embellishments, deceptions, dreams, animals, equestrians, marine life/oceans, love of Mother Nature, drugs, alcoholism, magicians, oil, gases, the magical, the surreal, the spectacular, and the transcendental. It is the higher octave of Jupiter. But, whereas expands the reality of ideals into greater horizons, Neptune adds frosting on the cake that turns ordinary things, creations, musical compositions, writings, works of art, and systems of thought into something fascinating and extraordinarily worthwhile.

Physiologically, Neptune co-rules the Pituitary glands with Jupiter (there are two lobes; perhaps it rules the posterior lobe, with its association with water), epilepsy, and body toxins/poisons. The color saturated blue vibrates to Neptune. It rules the signs Pisces and Sagittarius.

Pluto is the polymath of all of the planets. Consciousness is a key component to its nature in the sense that this planet brings a profound and in-depth awareness of interrelated conditions, which enables it to acquire and use resources adeptly to derive dynamic solutions. It relates to AWARENESS in how PRESENT and AWAKE you are to things, circumstances, and conditions going on around you. It also relates to below-ground materials and wealth. Pluto provides the ability to perform a huge variety of tasks, come up with solutions when all others fail, be extremely adaptable, determined, powerful, committed, energetic, and “wide awake” (i.e., keenly alert physically and mentally).

It is the higher octave of Mars, but unlike Mars, Pluto does not militarily jump straight ahead in achieving objectives but surveys all territories to see what resources can be used in a venture and then uses them intelligently and efficiently, while keeping additional reserves for later use—and being secretive about every position taken. It is the force that readily taps into hidden resources, accesses talents, maximizes efforts, possesses and utilizes arcane knowledge, exudes a powerful and magnetic presence, has competitive instincts, is fearless, ambitious and loves to penetrate or solve life’s mysteries/secrets of the universe. It takes raw materials and transforms them into usable and valuable products and resources.

Overall, Pluto represents power and resourcefulness. On the negative side, it can cause one to be self-centered, narcissistic, aristocratic, plutocratic, overly secretive, and extremely vengeful. Pluto always keeps additional resources in reserves for later use. Physiologically, Pluto co-rules the Gonads glands with Mars (there are two lobes), the sinuses, allergies, surgeries, the sexual organs, accidents and intense overexertions. The color saturated red vibrates to Pluto. It rules the signs Scorpio and Aries.